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Designed by Karl Zahn, 2009.
By Artecnica.

Artecnica's Square Phrena Pendant is the third installment of the Phrena Series (includes Phrena Light and Phrena 2 Table Lamp/Pendant Light) by designer Karl Zahn. Compared to the other Phrena Pendants in this collection, this larger Phrena Pendant follows a more squared geometric design. Zahn has evolved the Phrena design to give it a larger presence. However, this spacious presence does not disturb the pendant's elegant visual lightness. You can play with the shape of the pendant to achieve different looks. Depending on the amount of pressure that you apply, you can create a 2 or 3 dimensional pendant. Square Phrena can be installed in two positions to create two different light distributions and appearances.

An optional electrical cord & socket set can be included for use with a 60-watt lamp. This optional upgrade is offered with a Textile or Rubber Cord and is for plug in only.

  • 30" W X 12" L X 30" H
  • Optional Cord: 15" L
Tyvek (polyethylene fibers), textile, rubber
Lamp Type
1 X 60W incandescent lamp (not included)
Optional cord set is plug-in only.
Item Number
F-8467-WHT-Y-0 F-8515-WHUL-0 F-8515-WHUL-0