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Outdoor Spaces |YLiving

Outdoor Spaces: Backyard Entertaining

If you’re planning on entertaining in your backyard this coming summer, you’ll need to make sure that your outdoor spaces are up and ready to go. Here’s what you need to create an outdoor space that’s ripe for backyard entertaining:

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Outdoor Lighting |YLiving

Ambient Outdoor Lighting

Make your outside entertaining space come alive with these outdoor lighting accents. Glowing cubes of colored lights and towers of soft illumination, these outdoor lights will create the cool atmosphere you’ve been searching for: 

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Metal Outdoor Furniture |YLiving

Outdoor Material Trend: Metal

Metal outdoor furniture is chic, yet durable. It can be sleek or done up in bright colors. This outdoor material trend is perfect for summer. Here are some of our favorite metal outdoor furniture pieces:

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Milan Design Fair |YLiving

Our Favorite Pieces from Milan Design Fair

I had the pleasure of visiting the Milan Design Fair this spring, and it was spectacular. The Milan Design Fair is held annually, and showcases the latest and greatest from modern furniture designers from around the world. There was so much to see and experience, with plenty of new products to see. Since I can’t share it all, I thought I’d show off my favorite pieces from Milan Design Fair.

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Let’s Play

Playtime is an integral part of childhood. Giving children an atmosphere that encourages creativity and fosters friendly social skills is important for their development. Here are some modern kids toys that will spark their imagination and encourage playtime :

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Modern Wall Hooks |YLiving

Friday Favorites: Hang It

Small spaces and entryways benefit from using creative means to maximize storage. Hang it up with our favorite modern hangers, wall hooks, coat racks, and compact storage solutions:

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Modern Teak Furniture |YLiving

Outdoor Trend: Modern Teak Furniture

Modern teak furniture is a popular outdoor trend. Not only does teak wood look beautiful, but it’s naturally resilient. Since it won’t rot or mold it’s an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. Once treated, modern teak furniture can be left out in the elements year-round, so maintenance is minimal and easy. Tables, chairs, and loungers, here are our favorite teak pieces of this modern outdoor trend:

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70's Style Decor |YLiving

Modern Revival: The Return of 70’s Style Decor

I may have not been there myself, but it feels like the era of disco and the retro, eye-popping design of the 1970’s is making a comeback in a big way. Splashes of color in zig-zagging chevrons and psychedelic patterns, this modern revival of 70’s style decor has it’s fair share of shag and Technicolor, and nobody is doing it better than Missoni Home. 

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Brand Spotlight: Fermob

A classic look never gets old. The good folks at Fermob have been incorporating the finest looks of French modernism into their versatile and understated modern outdoor furniture, and every piece is made to ensure the best quality products. Here are a couple of my favorite looks from their signature line of classics:

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Designs that Give the Illusion of More Space

Space– it’s something we never have enough of and it comes at a premium. To avoid a cluttered look in your space, there are things you can do to visually lighten the room up, like selecting transparent materials or adding mirrored surfaces. Take a look at these pieces of modern furniture that will help you do the trick:

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Herman Miller |YLiving

Modern Woods: A Herman Miller Story

It’s been 25 years since Herman Miller ceased using Brazilian rosewood in their furniture designs, as irresponsible overharvesting of the wood became very apparent to the sustainably conscientious company. Since then, an alternative has been found, reviving the authentic 1956 rosewood aesthetic.

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Modern Kitchen |YLiving

Italian Kitchenware Masters, Alessi Reveals All

I for one have come to love the endearing and humorous modern kitchenware from Alessi. From a quirky corkscrew shaped like a smiling lady in a dress, to an iconic teapot with an updated whistling dragon, Alessi has thrown open the door to welcome in a diverse range of styles, which keeps me coming back for more.

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