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Modern Rooftops: Rooms with a View

Life in the big city is booming. However, while cities offer plenty of recreational opportunities like dining, museums and live music, living quarters are becoming more expensive and more compact as the population continues to swell. So what do you do if you want to stay home and relax but your apartment is too cramped? Well, in many cities, people are taking to the rooftops.

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Modern Inspirations for a Tween’s Dream Room

For tweens, the one place where they can be themselves and show off their personality and style is their bedroom. As parents, we are tasked with the challenge of helping our youngin’s create a space they love that is also functional and organized, has space for homework and playing, and can transition with them as they grow older into their teenage years.

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Terracing: Taking Backyard Design to a Whole New Level

Not all backyards are made equal. While having a spacious and flat outdoor space is ideal, having a small and hilly backyard isn’t the end of the world. It’s all about perspective and working with what you’ve got. Terracing the uneven terrain is a great opportunity to re-landscape your outdoor space and update it with modern flare.

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Design Trend: All Hail Maximalism

It’s official. More is more. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with austerity, the design trend toward minimalism has started to fade away in the wake of a large wave of rather extravagant furniture and home decor designs.

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The Future Of Toilets

Toilets are the unsung heroes of household fixtures. No one wants to live without one, but as soon as we’re done using it we don’t like thinking about it. And while technological advancements have been made in other areas of the house, the toilet has remained stagnate.

But no more.

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Living in a Pickle Factory (and 4 More Unique Home Conversions)

One of the greatest things about modern design is the concept of taking old, traditional designs and re-imagining them in new and exciting ways. There are table lamps that can charge your phone, console tables that can extend to the length of a full dining table and even mirrors that double as a television. However, the reinventing of designs isn’t limited to furniture, lighting or decor. It even extends to where you call home.

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High-Design Ways for Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors

One of the greatest joys of summer is the ability to go outside whenever you want, to lounge with a drink or enjoy a good read. Children enjoy doing the same things, but in somewhat more imaginative settings. We’ve come up a few modern and innovative ways for you to incorporate an outdoor space where your child can read or play in style.

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How to Design a Hangout-Worthy Kitchen

No matter how wonderfully decorated and comfortable your home may be, everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen. Whether you’re hosting a formal gathering, an anniversary celebration, or simply the kids doing their homework, the kitchen is, without fail, the happening place to be.

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Catching Up With Joe Cariati

Creating beauty with fire, breath and glass, Joe Cariati designs and creates exquisite glass vessels that are thin, colorful and modern. Each glass piece is made one at a time using the “free blown” method, a Venetian glassblowing process that is purely hands-on.

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