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How to Mix Styles to Create Your Modern Living Room

Most people have neither the budget nor the inclination to start with a clean slate and furnish their living space in a single style. More power to the minimalists with their clean lines and elements solely dictated by necessity and function. But many of us have hand-me-downs (oh, excuse me, ‘heirlooms’), pieces we picked up for a steal at a yard sale, a mismatched collection of lamps, and an interest in the best of many interior design styles. This does not mean your space needs to look like a storage room! You can still have a balanced, cohesive interior featuring an eclectic mix of styles. Here are a few tricks to getting it right for your modern living room.

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Trending: Concrete Designs by Urbia

Simple, yet classic, we’re seeing cool concrete furniture pop into modern workspaces and homes, both indoors and out. Most associate driveways and sidewalks with concrete, but the new to YLiving brand Urbia gives us a look into spring’s hot furniture trend: bringing concrete pieces into our living spaces. We’ll give you an inside look of the Urbia concrete products to help you create this cool modern look in your home.

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Modern Sleeper Sofas |YLiving

Pezzan – Modern Sleeper Sofas

If you’ve got house guests coming and nowhere to put them, let me tell you, I understand your plight! These modern sleeper sofas from Pezzan fit the bill for this busy mom of two looking to make room for out of town family members (a.k.a. my in-laws). But believe me, these convertible sleeper sofas are way more comfortable than the one in your parent’s basement. Comfortable, versatile, and beautiful. Your guests will thank you. 

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Global Designs: Make 2016 the Year of Travel

It’s possible to bring an international flavor to your interior without ever having to leave your home by adding select modern pieces from around the globe. For this mix, we selected modern furniture  and accessories from Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and England, to help give your space some flair from a handful of European designers. Check it out:

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Transforming Your Home in 2016

When a new year begins, it’s always a good idea to refresh your space with modern furniture. An inspiring home can positively impact your mood and bring new life and energy to the places you spend most of your time. By buying a new piece or two, you can make a huge difference in how your space feels. Take a look at 5 pieces that you can purchase to help transform your modern home in 2016:

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BDI Semblance Home Theater System

A Game Plan for the Perfect Super Bowl Party

Huddle up folks! It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, and whether you’re counting the days to see your team win it all, or you’re just in it for the commercials, it’s always a fun time. Luckily, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, it doesn’t require hard work and skill to make it a success, unlike our players on the field. Thanks to these play-by-plays from our friends at BDI, some smart planning and simple strategies can help you have a touchdown of a  party on your hands. 

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How to Pick the Right Media Furniture for You

The home theater is one of the most visible, focal features in homes today. We spend so much time in the living room, as a family, as couples, and as hosts that we decided to explore current trends in media furniture and see how consumers choose the right entertainment setup to fit their needs. Bill Becker, CEO and Design Director of BDI, one of the premiere innovators in media furniture design, provides some insight. 

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Entertain With Modern Metallics

Modern metallics aren’t going anywhere any time soon, which I am perfectly okay with. With Christmas behind us and New Years eve just up ahead, this is the holiday to celebrate with shining metals. I’ve pulled a few favorites from our metallics stash to share, from modern kitchen designs to other modern decor maybe they’ll inspire you to add something shimmering to your decor for entertaining as we kick off the New Year. 

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What’s Going to be Hot in 2016?

2016 is upon us and with that, it’s time to start speculating as to what trends we’ll be seeing in the design world. It’s a given that there will be plenty of home furnishings released in PANTONE’s Color of the Year, which for the first time ever, is actually two colors. Along with that, we anticipate seeing more warm metals, mixed materials, updated iconic designs, and a focus on sustainability. Take a look at what’s modern furniture is going to be hot in 2016:

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Best New Designs from 2015

Every year it seems like designers keep stepping it up and raising the bar with new designs that somehow manage to top the previous year’s. This year was no exception. Take a look at some of our favorite new and modern furniture and accessories that launched in 2015.

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