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5 Tips for Getting Your Space Ready for Spring

The six extra weeks of winter confirmed by our little groundhog friend Punxsutawney Phil gave us a little more time to get ready for spring, but the season is still coming in quickly. Getting ready for the season ahead usually means getting our outdoor spaces ready so we can maximize our time outside when the weather is (finally!) on our side.

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Last Hurrah for Enjoying the Outdoors

With summer coming to a close and fall quickly approaching, don’t miss out on your opportunities to be outside. Whether you’re picnicking with friends, soaking up the sun at the beach, or spending a warm evening at an outdoor event, get in one last hurrah for enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy these last warm days of summer with last minute outdoor furniture and accessories that can take you well into fall.

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Top 5 Modern Outdoor Rugs

Spice up your outdoor spaces with one of these modern outdoor rugs. Incorporating modern outdoor rugs into your outdoor living areas creates a welcoming environment and helps to define a space. Woven from materials that are made to withstand the elements, rain or shine, here are our top five modern outdoor rugs.

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Maximizing Minimal Outdoor Space

People with apartments and smaller homes that have minimal outdoor space tend to shy away from utilizing it during the summer. If you think your backyard area or patio is too small to do anything, think again. It’s time to get creative and maximize your minimal outdoor space with these tips and tricks.

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Outdoor Trend Shop: Concrete

Traditionally an industrial material, concrete is becoming a cool and modern outdoor trend. Making its way into the modern backyard beyond the concrete patio, modern concrete furniture is adding an urban feel to the yard.  This raw and rough material can be formed into just about any shape, so the possibilities of creating are endless. 

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Outdoor Spaces: Backyard Entertaining

If you’re planning on entertaining in your backyard this coming summer, you’ll need to make sure that your outdoor spaces are up and ready to go. Here’s what you need to create an outdoor space that’s ripe for backyard entertaining:

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Ambient Outdoor Lighting

Make your outside entertaining space come alive with these outdoor lighting accents. Glowing cubes of colored lights and towers of soft illumination, these outdoor lights will create the cool atmosphere you’ve been searching for: 

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Outdoor Material Trend: Metal

Metal outdoor furniture is chic, yet durable. It can be sleek or done up in bright colors. This outdoor material trend is perfect for summer. Here are some of our favorite metal outdoor furniture pieces:

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Modern Teak Furniture |YLiving

Outdoor Trend: Modern Teak Furniture

Modern teak furniture is a popular outdoor trend. Not only does teak wood look beautiful, but it’s naturally resilient. Since it won’t rot or mold it’s an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. Once treated, modern teak furniture can be left out in the elements year-round, so maintenance is minimal and easy. Tables, chairs, and loungers, here are our favorite teak pieces of this modern outdoor trend:

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