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Modern Kids Rugs |YLiving

Top 5 Modern Kids Rugs

Bright and cheery, these modern kids rugs are sure to liven up any child’s bedroom. While these modern rugs may be meant for kids, don’t be surprised if you want one for yourself too. We won’t judge. Here are our top 5 modern kids rugs that everyone will enjoy.

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Let’s Play

Playtime is an integral part of childhood. Giving children an atmosphere that encourages creativity and fosters friendly social skills is important for their development. Here are some modern kids toys that will spark their imagination and encourage playtime :

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Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery|YLiving

How to Create a Gender-Neutral Modern Nursery

A growing trend this season is the gender-neutral modern nursery. If you’re ready to ditch the pink and blue for a nursery, we’ve got some ideas for creating a gender-neutral modern nursery. A palette of neutral colors of white and cream, grey and stone, with pops of yellow and green are key to creating the perfect unisex space.

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