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Color Pop: Red

Fall is my favorite time of year and I really love the bright colors of turning leaves. My favorite color among the fall leaves is by far red. Vibrant and bold, red is a color that stands out anywhere and calls out for your attention.

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Marcel Wanders’ Circus Collection From Alessi

Marcel Wanders is by far one of my favorite designers. I love his attention to detail and especially the out-of-the-box thinking that goes into his designs. They’re clever, witty, unexpected and quite frequently, a bit cheeky. His recent collaborations with Italian design company Alessi have introduced two new collections: the Circus Collection and the Dressed for X-mas Collection. Today we introduce to you the Circus Collection.

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Color Pop: Yellow

August has arrived, reminding us to take advantage of the joys of summer before the new school year begins and the weather slowly begins to transition to fall. As we enjoy every remaining day of summer, nothing communicates happiness and fun like the color yellow.

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Color Pop: Blue

Ahhh, summer! The sun is shining, the air is hot, resorts and outdoor events are in full swing and vacation is at the top of everyone’s list. As a result, I find my thoughts drifting to the Greek Isles, tropical beaches, lazy days and the incredibly inviting blue waters of these locales. Just one look at cool blue, and the temperature seems to drop a few degrees.

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Color Pop: White

Summer has arrived, wedding season is in full swing and beautiful June brides prepare for their walk down the aisle. What time of year could be more perfect for celebrating the color white?

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Modern Kitchen |YLiving

Italian Kitchenware Masters, Alessi Reveals All

I for one have come to love the endearing and humorous modern kitchenware from Alessi. From a quirky corkscrew shaped like a smiling lady in a dress, to an iconic teapot with an updated whistling dragon, Alessi has thrown open the door to welcome in a diverse range of styles, which keeps me coming back for more.

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Wedding & Bridal Shower Gift Guide

Well it is upon us. We have entered wedding season once again and chances are like me, you have RSVP’d a portion of your summer away already. If you are not feeling inspired by the registry or looking for an enviable modern bridal shower gift, here’s my curated wedding and bridal shower gift guide of great, modern accessories:

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