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Celebrating 100 Years of Florence Knoll

This year marks a century for Florence Knoll herself, and in celebration, Knoll is rolling out new designs inspired by the original Florence Knoll Lounge Collection. Capturing the essence of her iconic designs, Knoll is updating the collection to meet the needs of today’s modern home.

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Top 10 Modern Gold Accessories

If someone told me years ago that I would have been gold obsessed, I would have strongly disagreed. Gone are the days of tacky gold, and I’m whistling a different tune. Today, modern gold is nothing but sophistication and class. In honor of my transition from gold hater to gold lover, I wanted to share a collection of tasteful modern gold accents and lighting.

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Design Icons: Knoll Marble Classics

Marble is a luxurious material; its cool, smooth surface carries a unique beauty that has a voice of its own, and Knoll knows a thing or two about working with this highly sought after stone. For over 50 years, Knoll has been working alongside master craftsmen to create breathtaking and timeless pieces topped with marble. From the quarry to you, this is the story of Knoll Marble Classics and five of our favorites.

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How to Mix Styles to Create Your Modern Living Room

Most people have neither the budget nor the inclination to start with a clean slate and furnish their living space in a single style. More power to the minimalists with their clean lines and elements solely dictated by necessity and function. But many of us have hand-me-downs (oh, excuse me, ‘heirlooms’), pieces we picked up for a steal at a yard sale, a mismatched collection of lamps, and an interest in the best of many interior design styles. This does not mean your space needs to look like a storage room! You can still have a balanced, cohesive interior featuring an eclectic mix of styles. Here are a few tricks to getting it right for your modern living room.

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