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Tips to Modernize Your Shower Tub Combo

Most homes come equipped with the shower tub combo. Practical, yes, but modern and showy? Not so much. While the bathtub shower duo may be a dreaded commonality it doesn’t have to remain boring and stale. Here are a few tips to modernize it into something sleek, fresh, and modern, without having to demo the entire space.

Swap the Shower Curtain for Glass

Shower Tub |YLiving
City Small Vanity from Ambiance Bain

Ditching your shower curtain for a sleek pane of clear glass will instantly reinvigorate your worn out shower tub. It’s an easy project that is more than worth the small effort. Having the glass reach halfway across the width of the tub will help to open up smaller bathrooms.

Add Fresh New Tile

Shower Tub |YLiving
Shift™ 2 gpm Multifunction 2-Way Ellipse Handshower with Metallic Handle from KOHLER

Retiling your bathtub/shower combo gives you the opportunity to change things up. Subway tile is a popular option, and you can incorporate a two-toned design like this black and white tiled design, or even opt for brightly colored tile to add a pop to make your shower tub anything but boring.

Let It Breathe

Shower Tub |YLiving
Box Freestanding/Alcove Small Acrylic Bathtub from Blu Bathworks

Open up a boxed in shower tub space by knocking out a wall or two. This helps to integrate the tub into the room more and gives the illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms.

Give It a Facelift

Shower Tub |YLiving
Eclettico Overmount Unclad Tub from Makro

Update your tub and give it a facelift by giving it a new outer casing. Wood, slate, and ceramic tile make for easy modern updates  that add a sense of style to the common shower tub. Match it to the rest of your decor, or let it stand out as a center piece in the bathroom.

Build an Alcove

Shower Tub |YLiving
Purist® Rite-Temp® Bath and Shower Trim Set with Diverter from KOHLER

Create an alcove in the wall of your shower tub to add architectural interest. It’s also a practical place to stylishly display your favorite bath salts and soaps, and best of all you can ditch that boring wire shower caddy completely.

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