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WFH Studio Space Supreme

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In today’s wireless world, we have the freedom to work from almost anywhere. Now, your modern office isn’t just the place where you do your day job, it’s the place where you live your life. So when I think ‘home office’, I dream of a creative retreat where I can spend an afternoon sprawled out with an ambitious DIY project or conducting an efficient WFH (working from home) session–all with a full pot of coffee. To fill this tall order, I imagine a multifunctional space that is clean, open and bright, outfitted with a beautiful blend of raw industrial pieces and minimal mid-century designs that pull warm leather accents throughout the space.
Life-Goals-WFH-Studio1. Writing utensil catch-all | 2. Desk/work table | 3. Floor Lamp | 4. Executive Chair | 5. Desk Tools | 6. Credenza | 7. Guest Chair(s) | 8. But first… coffee!

And because I dream big…

Tonin Casa Apra Bookcase

…there’s an entire wall lined with these gorgeous slatted bookshelves, which make perfect supply cubbies and are great at showing off your stuff. This conference table (err, craft table) in white is also a must, as are these no-fuss side chairs with light brown cowhide belting.

As a finishing touch–isn’t this task light adorable? Like the industrial cousin of PIXAR’s short film star, he’s a natural fit for creative spaces.

An inspiring home office should be on everybody’s list of life goals. This supreme studio space is on mine. What’s on yours?

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Torrey Crell

Torrey is a Merchandiser on the YLiving team whose affinity for online shopping pairs well with her years of experience in the ecommerce industry. Appropriately obsessed with fine home furnishings, her San Francisco apartment is curated with several mid-century styles. As a design enthusiast and a non-believer in diets, she loves few things more than an impressive gallery wall or solid breakfast sandwich.