• Ships to Canada

Made by Cosmic.
Designed in Barcelona, Spain.

A part of the B-Box Collection. The B-Box Flat LED Wall Lamp is the perfect addition to any of the Cosmic mirrors. This slim LED vanity mirror attatches to the top or side of the mirror for an illuminating experience in your modern bathroom. The light needs to be hardwired to a light switch.

Product Features:

  • Must be hardwired to a light switch
  • Compatible with Cosmic mirrors
  • LED lasts for over 50,000 hours of use without burning out
  • B02011011 - 11.4" W X 4.4" D X 1.1" H
  • B02012012 - 19.4" W X 4.4" D X 1.1" H
Item Number
B02011011 B02012012