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Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage

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Design by Andrew Lang, 2006.  Store and display your bicycle with style and clear up some floor space while you're at it. An attractive and simple locking mechanism mounts your favorite vehicle to an interior wall... Read More
Average Rating: 4 out of 5
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Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage
Price: $100.00
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Cycloc Solo Bicycle Storage


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Design by Andrew Lang, 2006.

Store and display your bicycle with style and clear up some floor space while you're at it. An attractive and simple locking mechanism mounts your favorite vehicle to an interior wall space. The sound construction fits a wide range of bike frames. Additional storage located within the cup-shaped storage unit.

Winner of multiple design awards including: D&AD - First Prize Product Design, Design Week Awards, 2006 - Consumer Product Design of the Year and Plastics Industry Awards - Consumer Product Design of the Year.


See instructions below.

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Eco Friendly


Material(s): Plastic (Black is made of 100% recycled post-industrial plastic)

Dimensions: 9.8" Dia X 11.8" D



Customer ReviewsAverage Rating:4 out of 5 Write Review
5 out of 5

Like so much, bought a second!

By: Jace B., Homeowner (Minneapolis, MN)

Bikes as wall art are "busy" enough, so I especially like the simplicity of the Cycloc Solo. It's a breeze to install and has the durability to stand up to use. Hanging bikes is extremely easy. There's a variety of options for hanging bikes, depending on the frame, so it's quite versatile. I'd highly recommend this product.

3 out of 5

Cool idea. Mounting options limited.

By: David, Renter (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I have a pre-war apartment with plaster walls. Locating a stud is nearly impossible. This product simply isn't designed to mount in plaster even with lag bolts. The mount points are too close together. Wish I had known that before I blew $100.

5 out of 5

I'm always trying to find better ways to use the space in my apartment; the Cycloc Bicycle Storage lets me preserve valuable apartment real estate and turns my bike into wall decoration.

By: Morgan H., Renter (Seattle, WA, USA)

I love it!

3 out of 5


By: Spencer W. (Brooklyn, NY)

It is unique and colorful, but I am still trying to adjust the angle of the rack in order to facilitate vertical storage in a tight space. The template provided for drilling would work well if you were setting the cycloc for horizontal bike storage. Also, if you are placing a load on the rack, the use of washers with the screw mounts is critical because of the plyability and soft texture of the plastic.

5 out of 5

So Cool!

By: Inovus D., Designer (Los Angeles, CA)

We are installing this bicycle on the wall of a Berkeley Model Unit apartment as artwork and it is perfect!

4 out of 5

Great...if you have the right bike

By: Nadim, Homeowner (Baltimore, MD)

The design is wonderful and allows for a number of ways to hang your bike. Unfortunately, the Cycloc holder will not work with just any bike. Be wary of the width of your handle bars as they will most likely hit the wall and cause the front wheel to turn out essentially ruining the design and space saving aspects. The version sold here is the old Cycloc...the new one can come with an extension piece that allows for wider use. So, if you own a mountain bike, do not get this. If you have a road bike or some other bike with narrow handlebar width, this is a great piece.

4 out of 5

Great looking

By: Karla T., Designer (seattle)

The look is great but they do need a lot of space so they are not good for a hallway or smaller space.

5 out of 5

clean, cool, bike storage

By: A.C., Renter (Nashville)

I couldn't be happier w/ my 2 Cycloc bike hangers! I had to call in help from a friend to mount them on the wall b/c I wanted to make sure they would be secure. They're a bit deeper than I expected, sticking out about a foot from the wall, but it's necessary due to the handlebars. They work beautifully and are easy peasy to toss my bike up there and get it off the floor. Highly recommended!

4 out of 5

Great product, but...

By: David Y., Renter (Los Angeles)

The Cycloc is a great product and YLiving service is great too. However, if/when you purchase this item you should realize that there are two versions out there: 1) Older rotomolded version with no rubber pads and no included spacer; and 2) Newer injection molded version with rubber pads and included spacer. The version YLiving sells is the older version. I ended up returning mine and I'm going to purchase the newer version from another retailer. The Cycloc is still a great product either way you go, but I want the rubber pads to protect my frame.

4 out of 5

Won't ruin your decor

By: Maryann, Homeowner (Boston, MA)

This product is perfect if you need to hang your bike up in your living space and don't want your home to look like a garage!

5 out of 5

clever design

By: Ana , Renter (Brooklyn, NY)

Very elegant and versatile design. This was the only bike rack I could find that was able to hang the bike the way I wanted (vertical, bike parallel to wall). It makes your bike look like art on the wall. Mine is above my couch in my living room. That's how nice it looks!

4 out of 5

Awesome product

Renter (Washington DC)

So far I love my Cycloc, it looks great and seems very sturdy. I have a pretty heavy old steel road bike on it and it doesn't flex or budge. It is also far enough away from the wall that I can do maintenance on the bike while it's up there. Heads up: hardware is not included, so just make sure you pick up some big wood screws or wall anchors and washers before it arrives. I tried to get 2 big screws in a stud and 1 wall anchor in the drywall and it's holding up well. I'm still very careful putting my bike on it though.

4 out of 5


By: M.D., Renter (San Diego)

Like it, pretty much as ad describes product, simple to install. Get one if u have the need to get ur bike off the floor or have an artcycle you want to display..

4 out of 5

Made well, looks good, and works as advertised.

By: Robert, Architect (Los Angeles)

Made well, looks good, and works as advertised. I purchased a white one, and was a little worried that it would be a bluish white based on the photos online. To my relief, it was a very nice white and blends in nicely with my white painted wall.

5 out of 5

Works great so far!

By: Kelly W., Homeowner (San Francisco, CA)

Just mounted this to my lathe walls vertically (handle bars down, rear wheel up), and it is working beautifully!

4 out of 5

Great idea. Much cleaner lines than anything else on the market. Worth the price

By: K.P. (Seattle)

Living in a small space is a challenge. The Cycloc securely and fashionably suspends a bike with minimal wasted space between the bike and the wall...thus it's ideal for decently wide hallways. Arrived in the wrong color the first time around, and therefore I've waited over three weeks to actually put this on the wall from the time I ordered, but it did make it here in the correct color. The best aspects fo the Cycloc are that it is far superior to the other, very cheaply made and inefficient bicycle storage solutions. Only complaint is that the machining on the plastic is slightly sloppy. Overall, a great buy.

4 out of 5

It turns your bikes into art , very nice!!

By: Anthony S., Homeowner (Surfside florida)

I purchased 2 and my bikes now look like Art. Most important my wife likes them And let me hang them in the house!!

4 out of 5

Great product!

By: H.S. (Denver, CO)

This product is great! It gets my bike off the floor of my small apartment and displays it beautifully

5 out of 5

Best bike storage option for apartments

By: Ryan M., Renter (New York, NY)

It's stylish and simple and it has convinced my wife that we don't need to pay for bike storage at the garage next door.

5 out of 5

So far, so good!

By: Andrew N., Homeowner (Seattle, WA, USA)

I live in a studio apartment and really wanted something simple. This works great, it was easy to put up and so far I'm loving it. The only complaint that I have is that I returned the first one I got and still haven't received my refund. Hope to get it soon. Thanks!

2 out of 5

Beautiful, but practical?

By: Eastern S., Homeowner (Maryland)

Great concept and design. One issue noted was that the width of my bike's handlebars exceeded the depth of the Cycloc thus the front tire would have to always be turned out when mounted on this storage rack. Ultimately, I could not justify the cost for the intended remote location and felt that its use would be like wasting a piece of art. I returned the product.

4 out of 5

Simple Design

By: Pete, Designer (Salt Lake City)

This is a really nice and clean design. It only works for traditional round tubing bikes. That's the only drawback. Make sure it's very well anchored to the wall. The included hardware is not strong enough for your typical 25 or 30lb bike being put on the unit on a daily basis.

5 out of 5

Stylish and so easy to use!

By: Chris C., Homeowner (Philadalphia, PA)

I bought two Cyclocs to hang a road bike and mountain bike (one above the other). Both were intended to hang each bike horizontally from the bike frame's top tube close to the headset and head tube. There are other orientations for the Cycloc to hold a bike, but I found this to be the most common installation and the best for my application. A few notes for future buyers intending on mounting their bikes horizontally from the frame's top tube (like with my installation): 1 - the Cycloc has two "hooks". One is to bear the brunt of the weight while the other is to keep the bike from rotating counter-clockwise out of the Cycloc's grasp. 2 - your bike will likely face to the right. In other words, the handle bars will always be to the right of the Cycloc since the bike is heavier in the rear. (I didn't realize that when buying it, but Google Images seems to support my finding! ;)) Anyway, the Cycloc came with a stencil to easily place the triad of screws into the wall. The exact placement of the screws is somewhat arbitrary around the center of the Cycloc since the Cycloc can be rotated around the triad of screws a few inches clockwise or counter-clockwise. The Cycloc does not come with any mounting equipment, so it is up to the buyer to buy the appropriate hardware to mount into wood, drywall, masonry, etc. Also, the adjustable holes (to rotate the Cycloc clockwise or counter-clockwise around the screws holding it to the wall) are rather large, so I bought washers with 3/4" diameters to keep the Cycloc from swallowing up my screws as I attempted to mount it. The buyer should take note to center the bike on the wall where it is being mounted and *not* the Cycloc. After that step, it should be determined where the best location for the Cycloc is on the bike so that the bike balances on the Cycloc's main support "hook" (as aforementioned). From there, the user can determine the appropriate mounting location for the Cycloc on the wall. Now that my Cyclocs are hung, they're abundantly easy to use and supremely convenient and stylish compared to other bike racks out there! BTW - YLiving customer support is terrific! I have called them numerous times for suggestions and for product inquiries. They are always a pleasure to work with! I hope this review has been helpful and, per usual with any online review, your mileage may vary!

5 out of 5


By: Grace R., Architect (Astoria, NY)

I love this bike rack! It is a bit of a pain to install, but aren't they all? I love how minimal it is but what a great solution for getting your bike out of the way!

5 out of 5

Excellent Bike Rack

By: Andrew C., Renter (Brooklyn, NY)

The CYCLOC was simple to install and it looks great (and makes my bike look great) on my wall. I appreciate the fact that it is 100% recycled (the black model). My only complaint is that I installed the rack so that the bike hangs vertically, and the instructions only include directions for a horizontal installation. I know that not every bike is the same, but some tips for vertical installation would be appreciated!

5 out of 5

Cycloc turns your bicycle into art!

By: C.R., Homeowner (Brooklyn, NY)

We love riding our bikes, but hated them cramming up our hallway. If we left them outside the chain rusted. We researched all varieties of wall mounted bike system, and Cycloc was different because it has an incredibly simple installation, and if you order it in white, it virtually disappears when you take your bikes out for a ride. Who wants to look at a metal pole in their hallway or a pulley hanging from the ceiling. While a bit pricey, its worth it if you don't want your home to look like a garage.

3 out of 5

Out of the box but not on the wall

By: Ben, Architect (NYC, NY, USA)

It looks great and I hope it works great, I just haven't been able to install it yet as I haven't been able to procure sufficient hardware and tools to install this on my masonry wall.

5 out of 5

Great and attractive bike storage!

By: Scott, Designer (Long Island, NY USA)

I ride to work everyday I can on my Trek bike and needed to get it out of the way. The Cycloc is a great piece to allow for the bike to be on the wall and not look like someone's garage hanging.

4 out of 5

great idea..

By: Alex K. (new york)

Looks great but handlebars still jut out.

5 out of 5

Awesome for Condo's or Appartment!

By: Johno, Homeowner (Houston)

5 out of 5


By: Pamela A., Architect (New York)

Easy to put up. Makes your bicycle look like art! It protrudes a little farther than I like but its compensates for that with its sleek look.

5 out of 5

Cool looking and funtional.

By: Sterno, Homeowner (san francisco)

My roadbike now looks like art floating on the wall. Easy to install. Easy to use.

5 out of 5

this is just what i was looking for

By: Mai N., Renter (brooklyn, ny, usa)

when you get a really good bike, that you've customized, you start to see it as a piece of art in addition to a form of transportation. i wanted something to hang the bike on both to save space and to basically put it on exhibit. i like that this bike storage allows for that. i had an open space on my wall that fits the bike perfectly. it's not gawdy, it's not tacky, it's simple. the only thing i found wrong with it is that it doesn't come with the nails/screws, basically the accessories necessary to put it on the wall.

4 out of 5

A functional work of art that turns your bike into a work of art

By: John R., Renter (Santa Barbara, CA)

We have several guys riding their bikes to work and needed a place to store them. These bike racks install onto a wall with a minimal footprint. And then they bikes are hanging on them it's like wall art. Turns any bike into an instant gallery piece.

4 out of 5

great alternative to the usual

By: Craig W., Homeowner (Brooklyn ny)

It's a nice looking alternative to the usual ugly bike rack

5 out of 5

WOW! I love it!

By: Philomena W., Homeowner (Louisiana)

5 out of 5

Phenomenal product!

By: Ben T., Designer (CA)

We've been looking for a modern soluton for Bike Storage for some time and this absolutely fits the bit. I have it mounted for vertical storage of bike. It hold strong, although I've had to felt-pad the contact points to ensure it doesn't scuff my frame. For those of you who have 2 bottle cages, at least one of the mounting orientations won't work, but you still have 4 to choose from.

4 out of 5

Good looks, more installation information needed.

By: Barry T., Homeowner (Albany, NY USA)

This product looks beautiful on the wall and holds the bicycle fairly securely. I wish, however, that the instructions for installation were more detailed. No hardware was included and one has to get it. Even more, there are no real instructions, and it's a bit more complicated to get it on the wall and be confident it's on right. I ended up putting many more than three screws into the wall and I'm optimistic it won't fall. I do wish that they also gave clear directions so that it would hand perfectly even with the floor, mine is on a bit incline. Nevertheless, it's a great looking way to hang the bike.

3 out of 5

As much as I love the look...

By: Jeannine M.

As much as I love the look for the money I think the item should have come with screws & washers or at least mention that they are not included in the discription. Washers really should be used so the plastic doesn't get "cut into" by the screw heads. I guess I'm just disappointed in the delivery but the product is good.

4 out of 5

best way to hang your bike

By: Christa W., Renter (Brooklyn)

it's sturdy and looks good. great design.

5 out of 5

Cycloc Bicycle Strorage

By: Dave (Va)

This is a great unit for small spaces. and keeping bikes in place. It would be perfect for the garage. I live in a condo and bought this to store my bike up high in the foyer. Unfortunately I need it up higher than I can reach so I was not able to keep this piece. Looking for a pulley system now. I fully recommend this Cycloc.

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