Industry of All Nations
Industry of All Nations collaborates with local communities from around the world, creating new designs through traditional and innovative industrial processes.

Industry of All Nations: Transforming Traditional Techniques and Designs for the Modern Home

In 2010, three brothers with a desire to rethink the methods of consumer goods production, founded the Los Angeles-based 'Industry of All Nations'. Working in collaboration with local communities worldwide, IOAN™ strives to create basic goods in their indigenous environments. Seeking beautiful, unique products or techniques, IOAN™ transforms traditional designs with the modern world in mind, while maintaining the heart of their inspirations. The design of the company's Panamericana Chair and Lounger, for example, draws upon traditionally crafted chairs from El Salvador, Belize and Argentina. The resulting chairs are durable, portable and crafted in enduring materials relevant to today's modern spaces. It is projects such as these that speak to IOAN™'s overreaching mission to represent the community Planet Earth, combining environmental and social awareness while promoting fair trade and open borders.