SG Aïry Premium has a distinct lounge vibe. This style radiates an easy grace, and is offered in a range of colors from neutral to playful. The fine polyester threads shimmer in lighted spaces. The loft of this series is thick, soft and luxurious under foot and hand. SG Aïry Premium Low Cut offers this look with a shorter pile.

SG Aïry Premium is a durable rug series that can withstand daily foot traffic. Its resilient surface has the capability to restore to its original shape and loft with normal use. Made of anti-pilling, anti-static materials and suitable for floors with ambient floor heating. Select from five standard sizes and 10 colors.

  • 4 Ft. 7 In. x 6 Ft. 7 In. 5 Ft. 7 In. x 7 Ft. 11 In. 6 Ft. 7 In. x 6 Ft. 7 In. 6 Ft. 7 In. x 9 Ft. 10 In. 9 Ft. 10 In. x 13 Ft. 2 In.
As with all hand-made products please allow for a tolerance of +/-3% in actual sizes. Custom sizes and colors are available upon request. Please contact our Sales Department for pricing.
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