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Metlev Index Wall Clock

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Design by Wiebe Teertstra. By LEFF Amsterdam. Art Deco meets modern design in LEFF Amsterdam's Metlev Index Wall Clock. To make this clock, glass is specially cut to fit inside of the stainless steel edge. The colored... Read More
Average Rating: 4 out of 5
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LEFF Amsterdam
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Metlev Index Wall Clock
Price: $119.00
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Metlev Index Wall Clock

Item #: LEF-LT800

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Design by Wiebe Teertstra.
By LEFF Amsterdam.

Art Deco meets modern design in LEFF Amsterdam's Metlev Index Wall Clock. To make this clock, glass is specially cut to fit inside of the stainless steel edge. The colored glass is attached to a detailed cut ring and voila! A timekeeping masterpiece is made. The control panel on the back lifts the clock away from the wall. The end result is a clock that seems to be floating in the air.

All LEFF Amsterdam clocks are hand assembled to create a product that exceeds your expectations in luxury and quality. The materials used in the creation of this product were given careful consideration regarding their carbon footprint and ability to last a lifetime. Each clock uses movement technology from SEIKO to ensure excellent timekeeping precision and long, dependable use.

If you hear a tick tock, you're not using a LEFF Amsterdam clock. Long live silent timepieces!


Any movement or production defects are covered by a 5-year limited warranty. Each clock comes with a service pack, which includes a cleaning cloth, battery and mounting screw.


Material(s): Steel, glass

Dimensions: 13.8" Dia


LT80002 LT80012 LT80022

Customer ReviewsAverage Rating:4 out of 5 Write Review
4 out of 5

I love this clock!

By: Ellen G., Homeowner (CA)

I bought two of the Metlev wall clocks - east coat and west coast time. Not only are they beautiful, they stay in perfect time together!

Wiebe Teertstra

Designer: Wiebe Teertstra

"After designing and developing home accessories, including clocks, for many years, it is a challenge to design and create ultimate 'no limit' time pieces from scratch for LEFF Amsterdam. We have created the new standard in time by creating timeless works of art. New dimensions, new standards, new looks. It is great to be part of LEFF Amsterdam, because: LEFF is more!" — Wiebe Teertstra

Wiebe Teertstra designs products that are both delicate and substantial. His One Wall Clock is the perfect example. While the hands are refined and the stainless steel edge is slim, the clock is still robust. As a designer for LEFF Amsterdam, he has been able to produce beautiful clocks that not only tell time but also prove that bold modern statements can have ethereal details.

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LEFF Amsterdam

Manufacturer: LEFF Amsterdam

LEFF Amsterdam:Your life deserves interesting surroundings.

LEFF founder Arno Ruijzenaars focuses on making beautiful things. After college, Ruijzenaars began working at a design and gift item company. It was during that time that he realized his passion for creating furniture and home furnishings. He rose up the ranks at the company and became a shareholder. To broaden his horizons, Ruijzenaars started several other companies including Flux Furniture and LEFF Amsterdam.

LEFF Amsterdam is a company that strives to put some of the most interesting up-and-coming and veteran designers to work making modern timepieces. One could think of the company as a rich tapestry of world design aesthetics coming together. Designers such as Reinhard Dienes, Erwin Termaat, Deson Wang and Mike He make up LEFF's roster of talent. Regardless of the nationality or design perspective of the designer, all of their products come from a thoughtful meditation on design and beauty. How do beautiful objects entertain people? How do surroundings inspire? How can a designer unlock someone's creativity? Their answers are translated into designs, then manufactured. When we buy a timepiece, it is a statement about how time is the same for everyone. And some can make time beautiful.

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