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Jam/Marmalade Spoon

Note: This product is no longer available.

A little spoon science. The bowl of the Jam/Marmalade Spoon has a 45° angle, a trait that facilitates scooping and transfer.  Read More

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A little spoon science. The bowl of the Jam/Marmalade Spoon has a 45° angle, a trait that facilitates scooping and transfer.


Pott flatware and accessories are very sturdy. Regular maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy their appeal and elegance for decades. From time to time, you should wipe your stainless steel product with a soft and non-abrasive metal cleaner.


Material(s): 18/10 stainless steel

Dimensions: L 7"



Carl Pott

Designer: Carl Pott

"I am far from granting flatware more importance than it deserves. However, as a daily tool, and assuming it is functional and aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the cornerstones of our culture. How can we reach the summit, when the foundation, of that which is ours, our home and our tools, is not solid, full of clarity, and beauty?"  Carl Pott (1906-1985)

There has never been nor is there a designer who dedicated himself so intensely and innovatively to the design of flatware and the ergonomics of eating as Carl Pott. He dedicated his entire life to "spoonery" as he jokingly referred to his avocation, since he always started his flatware designs with the spoon. His opus as a designer and at the same time entrepreneur, has always had, and continues to have an influence in the flatware industry. In the early years, he encountered a great deal of opposition to his un-adorned and minimalist designs, but eventually the POTT style asserted itself.

During most of his life, Carl Pott was in close contact with other significant designers of functional objects. He ran his designs by them, and at the same time, challenged them to develop their own flatware patterns. His credo was, "I consider it to be my duty to produce not only from the fiscal point of view, but as manufacturer I also have cultural responsibilities." This reasoning led him to persuade Hermann Gretsch, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Josef Hoffmann, Elisabeth Treskow, Hans Schwippert, Paul Voss and Alexander Schaffner to design flatware for the POTT production program.

His son, Hannspeter continued the tradition by enticing young designers such as Ralph Krämer, Tobias Huys and Stefanie Hengel, to create products for the firm.


Manufacturer: POTT

The brand "Pott"

The highest production standards and over 100 years of flawless pedigree, handcrafting exclusive flatware and accessories have made the name Pott a mainstay for connoisseurs around the world. Sterling silver and stainless steel are the materials used in the manufactory by master artisans and turned into objects of extraordinary beauty and lasting value. Prestigious design awards bear testimony to the role that Pott plays in modern table culture.

Contrary to the modern and elegant appearance of Pott flatware, the production of these pieces seems almost archaic. Before any piece winds up in your hand, it has gone through the hands of master craftsmen, who with great dedication and patience work every tool until it has satisfied the most exigent quality requisites. Processing techniques have been passed down and refined over the decades.

Smoothing, sharpening, honing, sanding, polishing, brushing, grinding, and in between stepping back and examining every detail, every nuance gets the full attention of the master craftsman. With a trained eye and "music in the hands" Pott flatware perform precision work that is reminiscent of Swiss watch makers and the cutting of diamonds. Such work cannot be replaced by computerized equipment.

The POTT brand is firmly tied to the beliefs personified by the firm's founder Carl Pott.

Carl Pott, artist, craftsman and entrepreneur, with all his talents, gifts and uncompromising dedication single handedly created the mystique of the POTT brand. The demands made on perfection and the goal to create ergonomic, autonomous and fascinating shapes is the premise and standard for the brand and its products. "Perfecting the structure of function," has been, is, and continues to be the dictum for daily activities.

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