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Filigran Vases -Closeout

Note: This product is no longer available.

Available options may differ from photo. Available options may differ from photo. With its straight, stylistically consistent design, Lin Utzon's familiar Filigran Vase has found its way into many homes around the world. The shape of the... Read More
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Available options may differ from photo.

Available options may differ from photo.

With its straight, stylistically consistent design, Lin Utzon's familiar Filigran Vase has found its way into many homes around the world. The shape of the vase makes it ideal for arranging seasonal bouquets.

The Filigran design is wonderfully simple, open and organic. The bottom has been made wider than the opening, to allow the flowers to unfold in the vase. Available in two sizes and three colors.


Hand wash.


Material(s): Hand-blown glass

Dimensions: Small H 6.3" Large H 8.3"


38162 38158 38159 38062 38058 38059

Lin Utzon

Designer: Lin Utzon

"I believe that not always knowing what you are doing can be a great advantage."

"The artist and the craftsman are similar in the way that they both seek a familiarity and intimacy with the material — a necessity in order to create something long-lasting. However, you can risk knowing too much and then routine gets in the way."

"I know a lot about porcelain, granite and paper, but working with glass is completely new to me. Glass is hard and shiny, almost like silver. Furthermore, you can see right through it, which places enormous demands on the design."

"The world is full of vases and I wanted mine to be something special. For my vase it is the flower that is important. If I can provide the flower with the atmosphere that, along with the water and the glass, makes all the elements meet in unity, I will be happy."

"There is something poetic about putting nature in our living rooms, but there is no doubt that it affects us. If I look at water, I don't long for anything else."


Manufacturer: Rosendahl

Rosendahl is a source of practical designs that make day-to-day living easier and more elegant. From hand-blown glass and unique designs to innovative accessories for the dining table and the home, to professional kitchen utensils.

Thanks to Rosendahl's product development, their distinctive, stylistically consistent designs can be found in the majority of modern homes.

Rosendahl also promotes well-known design classics. For instance, Rosendahl has taken on the distribution of Kay Bojesen's much-loved toy soldiers, the distinctive teak monkey and the timeless Grand Prix cutlery.

Rosendahl's history is also closely intertwined with Yomin Yamada's Global knives, which Erik Rosendahl introduced to Scandinavia with great success. These professional knives became a best-seller, and today they can be found in many Danish homes and professional kitchens.

Rosendahl is also renowned for its collaboration with art craftswoman Lin Utzon; some of her items include the poetic, stylistically consistent Filigran range and the sculptural Lin Utzon vase created in close collaboration with Erik Rosendahl.

Last but by no means least, Rosendahl has generated enthusiasm for its functional, classic Grand Cru range of tableware, a most attractive blend of Danish and Japanese styling.

In addition, Rosendahl works closely with designer Ole Palsby, whose designs include the aesthetic Rosendahl storage jars with their simple, clean-cut lines. The timeless look of the jars, combined with their multitude of uses, makes them classic items in many homes around the world.

Rosendahl is also famous for its ultra-minimalist Watch range, designed by award-winning Danish designer Flemming Bo Hansen, one of the few Danes to be represented at the Museum of Modern Art. The Watch range is characterised by its simple, clean lines and a harmony of black wristbands and clock faces interacting with matte steel.

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