Three by Three
Three by Three organizational products are aimed at design conscious consumers across the globe. Based in Seattle, Washington, the Three by Three design team creates innovative, functional and clever products that incorporate performance with visual appeal.

Three by Three: Innovative — Functional — Clever.

Three by Three, Seattle is a U.S.A. based company founded in 1995 by Gwen Weinberg and Anita Nadelson. Aiming to please the design conscious consumer, Three by Three's design team creates products that are innovative, functional and clever, while incorporating performance and visual appeal. Everything you need to stay organized in the home or office rolled up into one Three by Three product.

Three by Three products are made with superior materials and produced according to the highest standards of quality. With a product line that covers home, office, and school, including wall organizers, memo boards, magnets, and weekly planners, you are sure to find something that suits your lifestyle. In addition to their own product line, Three by Three has worked with many renowned clients, including Nike, Starbucks, MTV, Herman Miller, NBA, Travel and Leisure, Bravo Networks, Nine West, W Hotels and Wired Magazine.