When, after 20 years of founding notable brands such as Kronan Cykel, entrepreneur Johan Wahlbäck turned his sites to a new project, the idea of Urbanista® started to take shape. Johan simply sought to develop a modern and global brand he felt he could strongly identify with. The principles he valued the most in today's urban lifestyle: fitness and health. But Johan didn't want to sacrifice quality and the pleasures of life. As the first product under the Urbanista brand, Johan developed the bike 'Tokyo' — a light weight and foldable bicycle for the urban and mobile cyclist.

In summer of 2008, Johan came in touch with Daniel Roos, at the time a freelance art director. Together they continued to further develop the Urbanista concept. After 'Tokyo', came the shopping trolley DraMaten, followed by the headphone collection "Wear Your Music". When this first full product assortment launched under the Urbanista® name, the co-founders had landed on a firm direction: with a focus on design, color and mobility, Urbanista would offer well crafted products that simplify life in the big city. This range of stylish, compact and essential accessories offer just that to the modern urbanite.