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Designed in the early 30's, the espresso maker is the last true "invention" among the various coffee making methods in use on our planet. Characterized by quick preparation, concentrated volume and the intense aroma and flavor of the coffee produced by passing water vertically upwards through the coffee grounds, it does not just symbolize Italian coffee, but has also become the typical coffee making method in all the European countries of the Mediterranean basin. La Cupola was designed by Aldo Rossi in 1985. The espresso maker is made of cast aluminum with a polyamide handle. The boiler has a thick flanged aluminum base to guarantee even heat distribution and shield the body from flame.

  • Small 7.3"Dia X 8.8" H Capacity 5 oz.
  • Large 3.9"Dia X 11.2" H Capacity 10 oz.
Espresso coffee maker in aluminum casting. Handle and knob in PA.
Delivered in gift packaging.
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