• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Made by Amba.

The Amba Programmable Hardwired Timer is a towel warmer's best friend. This nifty, wall-installed, component makes programing your towel warmer easy. Simply set the times of day you want your towel warmer to switch on and you will have warm towels and pleasantly heated spaces waiting for you at the most opportune moments.

Product Features:

  • Power/Watts: 2400
  • AMPs: 20
  • Compatible with all hardwired Amba towel warmers
  • These 7 day/24 hour programmable timers are installed to regulate when a towel warmer modern-switches on and off
  • They also have a manual override on timer for use as an on/off switch.
  • 1.75" W X 1.5" D X 3" H
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