Designer Arne Jacobsen was influenced by Italian historian Ernesto Rogers' belief that each element in design is important "from the spoon to the city." This ideology is evident in his Arne Jacobsen Banker's Alarm Clock. Designed for the national bank of Denmark in 1971, this clock showcases Jacobsen's talent in using graphic design for industrial products. Its hour markers consist of twelve stacked squares. The blacked out square on each hour marker indicates the time. Like the national bank, the Banker's is both simple and elegant.

Made with PMMA and ABS plastic, the Arne Jacobsen Banker's Alarm Clock looks remarkably like the original but without the patina. To ensure this clock followed Jacobsen's original design, Rosendahl collaborated with designer Teit Weylandt who headed the product development department at Arne Jacobsen's studio. The top lens is made from impact-resistant plastic (perhaps for those early risers). The time and alarm functions are easily set by removing the rear case (cover) and adjusting the dials. Also, its snooze button and LED light activate by simply holding your hand 1 cm above the clock. A clock built with quality and timeless appeal, you are sure to appreciate this classic timepiece for years to come.

  • 4.3" Dia
PMMA impact-resistant plastic, ABS plastic
Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
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