Made in Germany.

To Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp was not just a friend and artistic collaborator. Duchamp was also one of his favorite chess opponents. In turn, Duchamp encouraged Man Ray to create a series of chess sets. This 1920 Chess Set is the first one he designed.

To create this Chess Set, Man Ray wanted to use pure geometric and mathematical forms that somehow tied with history. The pyramid represents an Egyptian king's pyramid, the medieval queen is the conical looking chess piece (representing her headdress), the flask-like object is the bishop who concocts healing liquors and the knight was modeled after the carved scroll of a found violin. It's notable to mention to those unfamiliar with Man Ray's work that he was quite whimsical. Made with beech wood, these chess pieces were carefully designed by both the Man Ray Trust and designer Peter Kahane. The result is the release of this 1920 beech wood Chess Set under license of the Man Ray Trust that illustrates Man Ray's love for chess and history. To use on the intended chess board, see the Man Ray Chess Board.

  • 3.25" H
Chess Board sold separately.
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