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Design by Nigo Design.
Made in Italy by Antonello Italia.

Fan Coffee Tables boast a compelling design that features a beautiful glass tabletop and lower storage platform. Its transparent top and minimalist steel supports are contrasted by a closed side panel that creates an interplay between open and concealed space. This dynamic design enables easy sofa-side accessibility while promoting a clean aesthetic by concealing stored contents on the opposite side. Geometric square and rectangular shapes carried throughout Fan's structure marry elements of wood, steel, and glass together, delivering a cohesive design. A perfect fit for a variety of room arrangements.

Product Features:

  • Chromed steel frame
  • Lower shelf and table top in extralight temepred glass
  • 39.4" W X 39.4" D X 13.4" H
  • 47.2" W X 23.6" D X 13.4" H
  • 51.2" W X 27.5" D X 13.4" H
  • 51.2" W X 51.2" D X 13.4" H
  • 59" W X 23.6" D X 13.4" H
Steel frame, tempered glass, wood panel
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