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Design by Michel Boucquillon.
Made in Belgium by Aquamass.

The Dip Mosaic Lighting Tub is an instant statement maker. The enticing LED lighting is both stunning and functional, while the oval shape is perfect for relaxation. The simple soaking tub is designed with the modern world in mind; made from a light weight, recyclable, and highly durable polyethylene that is molded into a perfectly smooth, large basin. This customizable tub comes in a variety of different mosaic color options and designs, making your exact design needs easily met.

Product Features:

  • Hand-designed and artfully executed mosaic designs
  • Customizable designs and colors are available upon request, please call our Customer Service department for details
  • LED lighting at the basin of the tub
  • LED lights perform for over 50,000 hours of use
  • Made from Plasticryl® PE (a subtly altered polyethylene). This innovative material was imported from the world of furniture design and is 100% recyclable and can even be used to manufacture bathtubs made from raw, previously recycled materials.
  • Extra smooth surface
  • Center drain positioning
  • Light weight and durable
  • This bathtub comes complete with a chrome drain. However if you are using this bathtub in the United States you will need to purchase a drain separately that is compatible with US plumbing codes
  • 70.866" W X 31.496" D X 22.637" H
  • Product Weight: 67 lbs.
  • 45 Gallon Capacity
Plasticryl® PE (polyethylene)
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