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Designed by Clara Von Zweikbergk, 2012.
By Artecnica.

Designed by the Stockholm native graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk, the Themis Mono Mobile is a cheerful decorative item that can easily put a smile on your face. As a twelve-sided geometric shape composed of both warm and cool colors, the Themis Mono Mobile appeals to all ages. When creating the Themis Mono, Zwiegbberk painstakingly handpicked the mobile's hues, so that they contrast with each other. The result is a visual thrill ride that can add excitement in any part of a room. Printed on wood-free paper with high-quality spot-printed inks, hang the Mono Themis individually or cluster several mobiles for a striking look.

  • 12" Dia X 12" H
Wood free paper
Wire included.
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