Design by Ilmari Tapiovaara, 1951.
By Artek.

Particularly useful and surprisingly comfortable, the Lukki Stool is formed in a casual style that features a contoured seat pan built for comfort. The stool is a light-weight structure comprised of a plywood seat and a leggy bent metal tube frame. Stackable and versatile, this chair was designed for casual seating.

Tapiovaara designed several versions of Lukki that were originally conceived as a competition entry for the design of furniture for student housing at the Helsinki University of Technology. Tapiovaara won the competition, which marked the beginning of the Lukki series, and a period in which Tapiovaara designed many multipurpose chairs. The collection's lanky tube frames offer meaning to its name, which translates to "daddy" in Finnish, recalling the tall legs of a daddy long leg spider. Replacing solid wood, Tapiovaara used the metal in tandem with bent plywood to achieve versatile, durable designs.

  • Overall: 14.5"W X 17.2"H
Painted steel tube, pressed birch plywood
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