• Made in USA

Made in Los Angeles by ARTLESS.

Caroline Outdoor Sofa, offered by Artless, was conceived as an archipelago of low, deep, cushioned volumes. These simple yet angular forms were designed with the utmost comfort in mind while the fabrics patterns and color would provide a burst of contrast to any environment. Available in several different sizes, upholstery options, and left or right arm facing orientation. Also in the Caroline Ottoman, an option to make a complete set.

  • 43" W X 60" D X 24" H
  • 43" W X 72" D X 24" H
  • 43" W X 84" D X 24" H
  • 43" W X 96" D X 24" H
Dry foam, hardwood frame, fabric
Item Number
A-C-C-60-E-9 A-C-C-72-E-9 A-C-C-84-E-9 A-C-C-96-E-9