• Made in USA

The GAX Collection features pieces that combine nearly indestructible design with unquestionable beauty and elegance. The GAX X Dining Table is designed with a 2-inch solid walnut table top that supported by the hand polished stainless steel X-shaped base. The walnut top has an oil rubbed hand finish which gives the wood a matte, deep luster that will stand up to daily use and tolerate hot or cold objects. ARTLESS strives to keep the wood used in our products in its most natural state, solid wood may exhibit slight variations in color and texture. Each piece is unique. The stainless steel used for the modern dining table base is marine grade and meticulously hand polished to a mirror finish for a lifetime of beauty. The GAX X Dining Table is available in a variety of table sizes.

  • 36-96-Inch: 96" W X 36" D X 30" H
  • 36-108-Inch: 108" W X 36" D X 30" H
  • 36-120-Inch: 120" W X 36" D X 30" H
  • 48-96-Inch: 96" W X 48" D X 30" H
  • 48-108-Inch: 108" W X 48" D X 30" H
  • 48-120-Inch: 120" W X 48" D X 30" H
Solid black walnut, hand polished stainless steel
Item Number
A-GAX-X-36 A-GAX-X-48