• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

2011 design.
Made in the U.S.A. by Bend Seating.

Maybe you throw your back into the Bunny and crash after a day of catching the California waves. Maybe it cradles you while you escape into an intense read. Or maybe you chill in it after a late late night on the town. Whatever you are recovering from, find yourself in the perfect position to recline.

Bunny's every bend is arranged to ensure structural strength, while the angels of the back, the curves of the seat and the closeness of the wires are designed to encourage relaxation and utility. Bunny is suitable for indoor/outdoor use. And, because this is a Bend design, you can expect this supremely durable lounge chair to be with you for the long haul.

Extremely comfortable on its own, consider adding a little fluff to this low lounger with an optional quilted or Sunbrella cushion that folds to the shape of the chair.

  • Bunny: 25"H x 24"W x 29"D x 16"SH
  • Optional Seat Cushion: 16.25" x 9"
Welded wire, fabric (optional)
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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