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The Icons: Modern Side Chairs

What is an icon? Something that stands the test of time, something that is immediately recognizable as one the best representations of its particular category. In this case, we’re focusing on side chairs. There’s a lot of competition in this category, so it takes a bit more to stand out as an icon. But we think the following 10 modern side chairs do so with ease.

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How to Choose Seating with the Right Height

Chairs are some of the most important pieces of furniture in our homes. We use them when eating dinner, having drinks with friends, watch TV, read, etc. Frankly, we all do a lot of sitting.

But one of the most important aspects of the chair often gets overlooked when choosing a new one: the seat height.

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Editor’s Picks: Design Objects for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means everyone from family members to guests seem to migrate to it. No longer locked away and out of view from the rest of the home, today’s open floor plans put the kitchen front and center and integrate it into the common living space. For both of these reasons, product designs for the kitchen have come a long way.

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Bring Design Home: Höst Restaurant

­­Restaurant design has come a long way. Today’s restaurant interiors run the gamut from sleek, high-end design to industrial, rustic and minimal. Many of these same design elements–and even actual lighting and furniture pieces–would easily transfer from a public space to a living space to create a personal design statement.

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How to Choose A Kitchen Faucet

They call the kitchen the heart of the home for a reason—it gets used a lot—and therefore your kitchen faucet gets a lot of use. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or just looking for an upgrade, consider this kitchen faucets 101 for choosing the right one for you.  

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Rug Buyer’s Guide

Look at that area rug over there. Nice, right? It really ties the room together. Its pattern is gorgeous, complicated without being confusing. Notice the fibers. Bet you can already feel them beneath your feet, between your toes. Go ahead, wiggle your toes a bit; I will not judge.

Just one question: Is it really the right rug for you?

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A Look at 2017 Fall Trends in Home Decor

It’s almost officially fall, and with it comes a new batch of trends to keep an eye on. While some trends linger for multiple seasons, others fade away just as quickly as they arrived. After much research, we narrowed down some of our 2017 favorite trends in home decor–ones we think will be around for at least a few more years–that would be fun to add to our own homes. Take a look.

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How Florence Knoll Revolutionized How People Work

Post-World War II brought on massive change for the U.S., especially when it came to design. With the economy booming, America began to take on a new shape within the home and the office. The latter was due largely to the contributions of one woman. Opulent offices became a thing of the past after Florence Knoll stepped in to change the modern workspace.

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Stand Up for Healthy Working

Can’t stand to sit too long? Common sense, scientific studies (and your sore bottom) have made it crystal clear: Sitting all day is really, really bad for you.

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How to Get the Palm Springs Look

Desert style has many different iterations, but only one stands out as the most stylish and innovative: Palm Springs. The “Palm Springs Look” combines many different features to create a crisp, bright and funky aesthetic that will make your guests do a double take. Achieving this look takes commitment to incorporating color and kitsch into your space without holding back!

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