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10 Design Favorites For the Kid at Heart

Hands down, it’s difficult being a responsible adult, and it’s not always the most enjoyable task either. And while we can’t exactly turn back the clock to relive simpler times, we can at least fuel the free-spirited inner child with a few fun and quirky pieces to sprinkle around the home. Here are a few favorites to channel the modern kiddo in all of us:


Brown XL LED Lamp from Mr Maria

Mr Maria’s Brown XL LED Lamp takes on the cute and familiar shape of Brown from Line Rangers. His solemn demeanor in combination with his stubby proportions makes him a fun lamp to have around the home. Whether he’s placed on the floor or on a table, Brown will illuminate any space with his lovable character and dimmable quality.

Blockitecture Garden City Set from Areaware

The abstract building blocks of Areaware’s Blockitecture Garden City gives reign to small scale city construction from the comforts of home. Made from 100% New Zealand pine, the 20-piece set offers hexagon-ally carved pieces and cantilever bases for easy building vertically and laterally. The piece offers an unlimited outlet for the creative mind, letting you arrange and rearrange for a refreshed feel to your home décor.

Cubebot from Areaware

With Cubebot, robot toys don’t have to be limited to children of a certain age. Inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, Cubebot’s design combines traditional and contemporary toy concepts into one pose-able robot. When in use, Cubebot can pose in just about any imaginative position because of his eco-friendly wood limbs and connecting elastic bands. When not in use, he can easily be folded back into a cube until another mental break is needed from intense screen staring.

Minature Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman from Vitra

While not exactly a plaything and more of a collector’s item, Vitra’s Miniature Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are no doubt toys made for adults. In spite of its size 1:6 size ratio, the miniaturized classic lounge chair and ottoman mimics the high quality construction as its adult sized counterpart; making it a valuable collectible keepsake for display. The timeless chair and ottoman model brings appreciation for enduring design to any shelf or desk.

Minim Playing Cards from Areaware

Taking minimalism to the limit, Areaware’s Minim Playing Cards does just that while balancing a sense of modern artistry and playfulness. With each playing card reduced to a mere symbol and number and every suit minimized to simple geometric shapes, the card design challenges recognition design limits without losing site of its main purpose. On top of its uniquely minimal design, the cards will quench eco-friendly thirsts as the cards are sustainably harvested and printed with vegetable-based inks.

My Gun, Gold Limited Edition from Seletti

Recalling childhood memories of playing games like detective or when the good guys always won at the end of those suspenseful movies, My Gun, Gold Limited Edition, from Seletti’s Memorabilia Collection, encompasses a hearkened past in the form of modern décor. Detailed with the typical features of a handgun, the porcelain gun takes on the feel of memorabilia because of evoked sentiment while sporting a modern design vibe with its gold finish. Though not the typical decorative piece or toy, the gun definitely adds a bold sense of style.

Nepal Teddy from Menu A/S

Though minimal in detail, the classic profile of Menu A/S’ Nepal Teddy is undeniable recognizable. Made with 100% wool, the soft teddy bear lends itself to being the typical plush teddy bear for children while playing to modern decorative aesthetic with its subtle coloring. As part of The Nepal Project, as well as the program’s mascot, the teddy supports a program aimed at making a positive impact within poorer countries by employing local Nepalese craftsman to make these amazing home ornaments.

Funny Farm Dolly from Lzf Lamps

LZf’s Funny Farm Dolly takes on a charming and whimsical appeal through its handmade and lighthearted design. Similarly to the rest of the Funny Farm Collection, Funny Farm Dolly is characterized by her exaggerated features with her large ears, small face and ringed body. Regardless of where she’s placed, Funny Farm Dolly brings a playful personality with her to any space.

Jumpie from Slide Design

Jumpie brings a fun design to any space with its vibrant color and rabbit-like features. Comprised of long ears, a rounded body and stubby feet, Jumpie is oddly cute and imaginative in its own way as it adds a splash of color and unique design to any surface area. Great on a shelf, end table or desk Jumpie’s funky fresh design definitely adds character to any space.

Magis My Zoo from Magis

Even though it’s clearly geared towards children and inspiring creativity within a developing mind, that doesn’t mean an adult can’t enjoy My Zoo just as much. Constructed out of cardboard with origami-like detailing between the connecting paper pieces, My Zoo allows an artistic mind to diversify their animal menagerie with personal style and coloring. Even without coloring, the blank animal canvases have a uniquely modern appeal to them with a minimal silhouette being the defining feature.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from adult-ing and expressing childhood interest through modern decor is one way redirect focus from daily trials and tribulations to the simple and lighthearted. Keep the inner child smiling with a few spirited and cheerful toys and accessories.


Yvette C.

Yvette C.

Yvette is a Site Merchandiser for YLiving. Her deep appreciation for design stems from a background in art history and interior design. During her off hours, she enjoys ogling cute animals, reading, catching up on TV series, following blogs, and enjoying the quirks of California's Bay Area.

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