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10 Favorite Modern Holiday Decor Items

Tis’ the season for decorating, so why not adorn your home in modern holiday décor? Here are 10 of our favorite modern holiday décor items to give your modern home a festive touch this holiday season.

1. Winterland Tree

Ferm Living Winterland Tree | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Winterland Tree from Ferm Living

Create a winter inspired set-up with the Winterland Tree. It’s made from smoked oak veneer that’s been laser cut with a modern geometric design. While it looks great on its own, pair it with the Winterland Brass Tree, Outline and the Winterland Brass Tree, Solid to create a little winter forest.

2. Frosted Polar Bear

Simon Pearce Frosted Polar Bear | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Frosted Polar Bear from Simon Pearce

Add the brilliance of hand-crafted glass work to your modern holiday décor with a pair of Frosted Polar Bears. Their cool dusting of white adds a soft and elegant opaque finish to these wonderfully crafted figurines.

3. Xmas Friends Red AMGI51 R

Alessi XMas Friend Red | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Xmas Friends Red AMGI51 R By Massimo Giacon, from Alessi

The Xmas Friends Red AMGI51 R figurine is a playful sight. A glossy red tree is adorned with a brilliant golden star, as well as some charming Christmas friends. Place this whimsical tree on your holiday table for a cheerful touch to your holiday décor.

4. Winterland Christmas Stocking

Ferm Living Winterland Christmas Stocking | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Winterland Christmas Stocking from Ferm Living

The Winterland Christmas Stocking is a Christmas stocking you’ll want to hang by the chimney with care. Its minimalist pattern may be a deviation from the traditional, but its just as festive as the rest. Made from 100% cotton, its dotted and lined pattern has been printed by hand.

5. Jubilee Table Top Tree

Modern Christmas Trees Jubilee Table Top Tree | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Jubilee Table Top Tree from Modern Christmas Trees

A modern take on the traditional Christmas tree, the Jubilee Table Top Tree is perfect for filling smaller dwellings with holiday cheer. This contemporary tree comes with everything you need to instantly create a joyous sight of Christmas delight, including ornaments, precious crystals, and even a holiday tree topper.

6. Red Calendar Candle

Ferm Living Caledar Candles | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Red Calendar Candle By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

Whether you’re counting down the days to Hanukkah or Christmas, the Calendar Candle will help you keep track. A beautiful pillar style candle acts like a modern day advent calendar. Just burn the candle day by day until the 24th of December.

7. Presepe Group Set Of 10 Nativity AMGI10SET

Alessi Presepe Group Set of 10 | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Presepe Group Set Of 10 Nativity AMGI10SET By Massimo Giacon, from Alessi

And speaking of the advent calendar, remember the reason for the season with the Presepe Group Set Of 10 Nativity AMGI10SET. This modern Nativity set includes a white globe that serves as the manger that houses Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a few adoring animals.  A pair of angels and the Three Wise Men can be placed around the manger to complete the scene.

8. Winterland Forest Set

Modern Holiday Decor |YLiving
Winterland Forest Set from Ferm Living

The Winterland Forest Set creates an instant whimsical forest for your holiday decor. Three oak trees are adorned with brass details, creating an ultra-modern Scandinavian forest.

9. Vermont Crackle Evergreen

Simon Pearce Vermont Crackle Evergreen | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Vermont Crackle Evergreen from Simon Pearce

The Vermont Crackle Evergreens look like a brilliant forest of ice. These 100% lead-free glass trees are hand-sculpted by Simon Pearce artisans and then dipped into water, to give them their distinct crackle finish.

10. Winterland Brass Star, Large

Ferm Living Winterland brass Star Large | YLiving Modern Holiday Decor
Winterland Brass Star, Large from Ferm Living

The minimal design of the Winterland Brass Stars are made chic thanks to their brilliant brass construction. Featuring an open circle, with an eight-point star in the center, this ornament is the perfect holiday decoration for the modern home.

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