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10 Luxe Lights That Plug Right In

As a recent college grad, I’ve become used to moving apartments every year, and I’ve noticed the one thing that always takes the look of any apartment from good, to MUCH better: Lighting.

Dirty ceiling fans and fluorescent lights makes a rental feel… well, like a rental. Adding your own modern floor lamps or pendants will make your place feel more modern and stylish. Like a place you really want to call home.

Since I am now an official College Graduate, I’m really looking forward to staying in one residence for a while… And I can’t wait to upgrade my lighting. But I don’t own my home (remember, intern) and am still on an extremely tight budget (hello, intern) so, I want and need lighting that is electrician-free.

10 Lux Lights That Plug Right In | YLighting

These ten plug-in lights are my favorite wall sconces and pendants from YLighting. These are products I would love to call my own and YES they all plug-in to a standard wall socket.

Note: Did I mention my favorite colors are black, gold, and white? If a well-designed modern product comes in one of these three colors (or any combination of them); I need it. Like a moth to the flame. Or in this case, I guess, a moth to the bulb.

1. Duane Pendant Light

Duane Pendant Light | YLighting
Duane Pendant Light, from Menu A/S

This light has a 1930s throw-back feel and a gold/black color combo to boot. I can imagine it by my bed as a reading light or even hanging 3 of them at different lengths to create a focal point in any room.

2. Monocle Wall Sconce

Monocle Wall Sconce | YLighting
Monocle Wall Sconce, from Rich Brilliant Willing

Another cute reading lamp would be this Monocle sconce. Purchased with a wall adapter, and attached to a headboard, this golden light might just keep me up all night reading.

3. Warren Wall Sconce

Warren Wall Sconce | YLiving
Warren Wall Sconce, from Menu A/S

Option number 3 for a reading light is this beautiful wall sconce. With a bare bulb and a gold or black swinging arm, I think it would look great in a corner next to a chair like the Papa Bear to create a reading nook.

4. Funiculi A Wall Sconce

Funiculi A Wall Sconce | YLighting
Funiculi A Wall Sconce, from Marset

I love the white and black finishes of this wall sconce, it has a vintage industrial feel but is still very clean. I would love to see a few of them going down a hall like little indoor street lamps.

5. Yupik Floor Table Pendant Light

Yupik Floor Table Pendant Light | YLighting
Yupik Floor Table Pendant Light from FontanaArte

This pendant lamp does double duty. It can be hung up or laid on one side to illuminate a wall. Not only does it look sturdy but it is made sturdy, from polypropylene foam. This means it is lighter than it looks so feel free to hang it up and take it down as many times as you want.

6. Bollard Lamp

Bollard Lamp | YLighting
Bollard Lamp, from Menu A/S

If the Yupik Floor Table Pendant Light does double duty, then this pendant light does quadruple duty. You can hang this silicon pendant straight down, position it as a spotlight, rest it on its side on a shelf, or place it on its foot on the floor. Let’s just say that if I had this light there would be a lot more photo shoots in my life.

7. Tolomeo Classic Wall Light

Tolomeo Wall Light | YLighting
Tolomeo Classic Wall Light, from Artemide Lighting

This light speaks to my functional/industrial side. With a classic design and mobility of the arm, I want it on the wall next to my craft table so I can work all night.

8. Superordinate Antler Wall Sconce

Superordinate Antler Wall Sconce | YLighting
Superordinate Antler Wall Sconce, from Roll and Hill

Antlers aren’t just for cowboys or hipsters, this fixture feels luxe with finishes of white, gold or silver. Put it up in your bedroom where you pick out your jewelry, by your fireplace, or even the bathroom to add some rustic luxury to your life.

9. Eos Pendant Light

Eos Pendant Light | YLighting
Eos Pendant Light, from Vita Lighting

Its so fluffy I’m gonna die! This goose feather pendant, purchased with a Plug-In Swag Set and placed above your bed, will give you sweet dreams of fluffy things.

10. Swell String Single Medium Pendant Light 

Swell String Single Medium Pendant Light |YLighting
Swell String Single Medium Pendant Light, from Pablo

Remember what I said about black, white, and gold combinations?

With a matte outside and metallic inside, these pendants are absolutely beautiful! Add a Swell Power Feed Cord and Canopy kit to your order and this lovely light will plug right into your life.

So, are you as plugged-in to black, white, and gold as I am now? These are my top 10 favorite plug-in pendants and wall sconces that add modern luxury to any room, no electrician. Where would you put these lights in your abode?

Chanel Cartier

Chanel Cartier

Chanel is a recent graduate from BYU and the first ever intern at YLiving. She may be new to the world of interior design, but she is already designing her future modern style house, starting with the Smoke Lounge Chair by Moooi.

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