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10 Tips for Painting an Accent Wall in the Bedroom

Recently, I’ve been delving into the world of paint and I’m on the search for the perfect accent wall color. I’ve had about a dozen paint swatches sitting onto my bedroom walls for weeks now without narrowing my choices. Since I’ve been struggling myself, here are 10 tips for painting an accent wall to make a statement with your modern bedroom

Choose Wisely

Modern Statement |YLiving
Ulm Nightstand from Spot On Square

Choosing which wall to paint isn’t any easier than deciding on a color. Accent walls are meant to be focal points, so figure out what wall naturally draws your eye. Your house’s architecture will guide you. Slanted walls, nooks, and built-ins are great for slapping a different color on the wall.

Decorating Decisions

Modern Statement |YLiving
Air Bed, King from Lago

While you’re figuring out which wall will be best to paint, you may want to decide how you’ll end up decorating it. Know that a bright color couple with an abundance of busy artwork will create a mess. You can always let your accent wall speak for itself, or hang wall decor in a similar color for an elegant monochromatic display.

The Standard Pop

Modern Statement |YLiving
Air Bed, Queen from Lago

When most people think of making a modern statement with an accent wall, their mind goes to a bright popping shade, which works well if you’re going to incorporate minimal artwork or one large piece. Pick a color that won’t dominate or overpower a room, remember it’s just acting as an accent.

Try Neutral Tones

Modern Statement |YLiving
Jersey Horizontal Dresser from Calligaris

You don’t need a bright color to make a modern statement with an accent wall. Try a neutral color for a subtle emphasis that will still make a big impact. Painting the wall behind the bed a light grey offsets the starkness all-white walls can have without dragging down this neutral space.

Opt for Dark + Moody

Modern Statement |YLiving
Tratto Bed from Rossetto

A deep neutral instantly transforms a bedroom into a dramatically dark and moody retreat. If you opt for a deep accent wall, don’t forget plenty of lighting to balance out the heaviness.

Play With Patterns

Modern Statement |YLiving
Nightfly Platform Bed from Rossetto

A patterned wall is the perfect modern statement. If you go this route, it’s best not to hang much if any artwork. Wall decals are also a great option if you don’t have the skills for painting a pattern yourself.


Modern Statement |YLiving
CUBIC 2 Drawer Night Table from Huppe

A neutral brick wall adds texture and depth where a painted wall just can’t.

All Natural

Modern Statement |YLiving
Thompson Nightstand from Modloft

A tiled wall of sandstone or even an unfinished wood planked wall creates a natural accent that’s warm yet neutral.

Painting Techniques

Modern Statement|YLiving
Alameda Bed from Calligaris

If you want the textured look without tiling or bricking your wall, there are plenty of painting techniques you can do in order to fake actual texture or even the effect of stained concrete walls.

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Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

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