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Editor’s Picks: 11 Gifts for the Modern Mom

Since the early 20th century, we’ve taken the second Sunday in May to honor, bond with and celebrate our mothers and the contributions they’ve made to our lives. This Mother’s Day, help Mom get a little more modern design in her life with a gift that she can make good use of everyday.

Here are 11 of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for those modern moms who appreciate form and function:

MinusA2 Artists Series “Cherry Blossom” Air Purifier

MinusA2 Artists Series “Cherry Blossom” Air Purifier from Rabbit Air

This will really score some points with the mom fighting allergy season this year. With the MinusA2 around, odors and allergens cease to exist, and the slender design doubles as a digital canvas, making it a piece of artistic, modern decor as well as an air purifier.

Diva Watering Can

Diva Watering Can by Eero Aarnio, from Alessi

Not just a watering can, but a design so intriguing that it easily stands on its own as a sculptural object. Who knew that a chore could feel so chic?

Tewo Multifunction Magnet Board + Key Box

Tewo Multifunction Magnet Board + Key Box from Blomus

“What have I done with my keys?” We’ve all heard that before. The Tewo Multi Function Magnet Board + Key Box is a sleek way to help mom and the rest of the family ensure they always have their keys at hand.

Piripicchio Clothes Shaver

Piripicchio Clothes Shaver by Stefano Giovannoni, from Alessi

This mobile electric clothes shaver provides Mom with a quick and safe removal of pills from her most cherished garments. Whether on the go or preparing to step out, Piripicchio is a cute companion to keep you in ship shape.

Kettle Teapot

Kettle Teapot by Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

Loved for its fine craftsmanship and zenful aura, the Kettle Teapot is a beautiful addition to the relaxing ritual of tea time.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner by Stefano Giovannoni, from Alessi

Crumbs don’t stand a chance against Alessi’s SG67 W Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It’s perfect for quickly cleaning up counters and tables and getting into those tight corners.

Electric Citrus Squeezer

Electric Citrus Squeezer by Stefano Giovannoni, from Alessi

The SG63 W Electric Citrus Squeezer is just what Mom needs to start her day off on the right foot, er, fruit—such as a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice first thing in the morning.

Tic15 Ladies Wristwatch

Tic15 Ladies Wristwatch by Piero Lissoni, from Alessi

Whether she is coordinating family activities, buzzing through her daily agenda or running from one meeting to the next, Mom needs a simple yet efficient watch to keep herself on track, and this Piero Lissoni design is built to do just that.

Nomu Double Wall Vacuum Flask

Nomu Double Wall Vacuum Flask by Naoto Fukasawa, from Alessi

The Nomu Double Wall Vacuum Flask was made to keep Mom’s favorite soups and beverages hot for hours at a time, making it a promising addition to her morning routine.

Solo Felt Wine Carrier

Solo Felt Wine Carrier from Graf & Lantz

First impressions are the most important. So if Mom wants to delight a host with a great bottle of wine, the first step is safe transport and style to match. Say goodbye to flimsy re-usable bags and hello to the Solo Felt Wine Carrier.

Kitchen TV

Kitchen TV from Electric Mirror

Has Mom been really, really good this year? With the Kitchen TV, she can easily follow a cooking show or catch up on any of her favorite television series. It’s a discreet wall-mounted entertainment unit that everyone can enjoy.

Any of these gifts are sure to surprise mom with something she didn’t even know she wanted, and you will make this Mother’s Day the best one yet.

Tonye Doukpolagha

Tonye Doukpolagha

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