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15 Essential Bar Accessories

Create the perfect bar set up with these essential modern barware accessories. From bottle openers to cocktail shakers, we’ve gathered our top modern barware tools. Here are 15 essential bar accessories.

1. Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew

Modern Barware Alessi Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew | Yliving
Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew By Alessandro Mendini, from Alessi

Every bar needs a corkscrew, not only does the Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew do the job, but it does it in style. Familiar and simple, this quirky corkscrew features a playful parrot design to help pop open a bottle of brew or uncork your favorite vintage.

2. Champagne Sabre

Modern Barware Menu A/S Champagne Sabre| YLiving
Champagne Sabre By Karim Rashid, from Menu A/S

An effective way to open a bottle of bubbly and dazzle your guests at your next party too with the Champagne Sabre.  The curved, blunt blade is designed to separate the collar and cork from the champagne bottle with one swift motion. It is certainly an extravagant piece for any modern barware collection.

3. Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer with Mixer Spoon

Modern Barware Stelton Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer with Mixer Spoon | YLiving
Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer with Mixer Spoon By Arne Jacobsen, from Stelton

If you prefer your martini stirred, not shaken, then the Cylinda-Line AJ Martini Mixer with Mixer Spoon is for you. Its sleek, stainless steel design is perfect for creating the perfect stirred martini.

4. Trophy Jigger

Modern Barware Umbra Trophy Jigger | YLiving
Trophy Jigger By Umbra Studio, from Umbra

No home bar can properly operate without a jigger. The Trophy Jigger from Umbra is a must-have, thanks to its good looks and its design, which helps to measure out 0.5 ounces, 1 ounce and 1.5 ounce shots.

5. Noé Drop Ring

Modern Barware Alessi Noe Drop Ring | YLiving
Noé Drop Ring By Giulio Lacchetti, from Alessi

The Noé Drop Ring is a beautiful modern barware accessory for any wine enthusiast. While it appears to be just a decorative piece, this solitaire gem ring helps to catch any drips from making their way onto the table cloth.

6. Drink Rocks Set of 4

Modern Barware Areaware Drink Rocks Set of 4 | YLiving
Drink Rocks Set of 4 By Runa Klock, from Areaware

Having a way to drinks cool is a vital part to any modern barware setup, but watered down whiskey is hardly appetizing. These cool geometric Drink Rocks from Areaware will chill your cocktails, without ruining them from water melt.

7. Pi Wine Holder

Modern Barware Steelforme Pi Wine Holder | YLiving
Pi Wine Holder from SteelForme

You don’t have to be a mathematician to enjoy the Pi Wine Holder. The scrolling digits of Pi have been laser cut into stainless steel, creating a wonderful site that also happens to keep your bottle of white wine chilled.

8. Circus Ice Bucket

Modern Barware Alessi Circus Ice Bucket | YLiving
Circus Ice Bucket By Marcel Wanders, from Alessi

Or if number aren’t your thing, then the Circus Ice Bucket is sure to entertain. Use it for both chilling a bottle of champagne or just for keeping ice at the ready. Either way, its playful design will bring merriment to any get-together.

9. Plum Cocktail Shaker

Modern Barware Plum Cocktail Shaker | YLiving
Plum Cocktail Shaker By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon

Expertly shake up your favorite cocktails with the help of the Plum Cocktail Shaker. A shapely design is a welcome change for any home bar, and its copper platting adds to its chic appearance.

10. Plum Tongs

Modern Barware Tom Dixon Plum Tongs | YLiving
Plum Tongs By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon

Accessorize your bar in style with a pair of Plum Tongs. Its sculpted design helps you pluck up ice cubes with ease, and it doesn’t look too bad either.

11. Contour Coaster Set of 2, Black

Modern Barware Zaha Hadid Design Contour Coaster Set of 2 | YLiving
Contour Coaster Set of 2, Black By Zaha Hadid, from Zaha Hadid Design

A pair of Contour Coasters from Zaha Hadid Design will help protect your furniture from acquiring any unsightly water rings. Made from 100% acrylic, these coasters are elegantly shaped, and also feature a mesmerizing yet stylish pattern.

12. Stelton Bottle Opener

Modern Barware Stelton Bottle Opener | YLiving
Stelton Bottle Opener By Peter Holmblad, from Stelton

If cool and minimal is your style, then the Stelton Bottle Opener is for you. While its compact design may look light, its heavier than it appears. Its satin stainless steel feels surprisingly weighty and balanced, making it the perfect tool for popping open a cold bottle of beer.

13. Blend Pestle with Jigger

Modern Barware Blomus Blend Pestle with Jigger | YLiving
Blend Pestle with Jigger from blomus

Muddle, crush, and measure with the Blend Pestle with Jigger. On one end it features a sturdy muddler, perfect for creating refreshing mojitos, while on the other side it features a measuring cup for measuring out syrups or spirits.

14. 5053 Strainer

Modern Barware Alessi Strainer| Yliving
5053 Strainer By Ettore Sottsass, from Alessi

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast, a strainer is a must-have tool. The 5053 Strainer was originally designed in 1979 by Ettore Sottsass, and is the ultimate tool for any bartending aficionado.

15. 5054 Stirrer

Modern Barware Alessi Stirrer | YLiving
5054 Stirrer By Ettore Sottsass, from Alessi

And like the 5053 Strainer, the 5054 Stirrer was also designed in 1979 by Ettore Sottsass. Made stainless steel with a mirror polished finish, this expert tool is elegant as well as practical.

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