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Nursery Looks to Love in 2017

We’re well into 2017 and that means we’ve got a good idea of what nursery trends are on the rise this year. While there are some 2016 favorites that have stuck around, like pastels and wood, there are plenty of new looks that have emerged that might just make the baby’s room the best one in the house. Here’s a look at some of 2017’s biggest nursery trends. 


YLiving 2017 Nursery Trends
Oeuf Crib

Boho is leading the 2017 nursery trend train, wild and free. At its core, bohemian style is easy going and rich in pattern and colorful tones. Think a Kilim or Oriental rug, lush greenery, macrame, and woven baskets. This diverse trend has a huge range of styles. It can be sultry and chic or bright and playful.

Outdoor Themes

YLiving 2017 Nursery Trends
Oilo Linens

Adventure awaits in this outdoor theme for the nursery. Creating a mountain top mural is at the top of the list for this 2017 trend. But creating an adventure-filled nursery doesn’t have to be confined there. Rustic elements, a play tent, and other nature infused elements can all create an inspiring room for baby.

Global Inspiration

YLiving 2017 Nursery Trends
Oeuf Bassinet

While we’re seeing a huge push for world-inspired nursery by creating tropical getaways, woodland dreams, and a frosty north pole are at the top of the list, the overall idea is mixing in elements from all over the globe. This can be done through a selective color palette, wallpaper, bedding, throw pillows, and toys to channel a far-away destination into the nursery.

Simple + Sophisticated

YLiving 2017 Nursery Trends
Oilo Bedding // Babyletto Crib // Oilo Glider

A nursery that doesn’t look like a nursery? You bet. This trend is taking over 2017 and transforming the babyish nurseries into mature, sophisticated spaces. This trend is simple and calls for elements that would do just as well in the living room as the nursery—monochrome palettes, textured elements and un-fussy accessories.

Pastel Palettes

YLiving 2017 Nursery Trends
Oilo Linens  // Eames Rocker

Don’t worry, the pastel palette isn’t going anywhere. This classic nursery look is only getting better in 2017. Hot colors in this trend’s palette include pale aqua, pastel pinks, dusted yellows, with accents of crisp white and dark, dusky blues.

Natural Elements

Oeuf Dresser + Crib

We’ve already seeing natural wood take root in the modern nursery and 2017 is no exception. But the trend doesn’t stop there. Organic linens, as well as botanical and animal prints are blooming into the nursery this year.  And with it too a dose of fresh greenery like the mighty fiddle leaf fig and other air-purifying plants.

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