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5 Backyard Studios We Might Trade Our Homes For

In the past, when you heard the term “backyard studio,” you’d immediately think of a tiny and rather uncomfortable converted garden shed. But these days, the backyard studio is being seen more as an opportunity to get really creative design-wise. Custom detached garden rooms and offices eliminate the challenge of home expansion, while providing specialized spaces for work, yoga, open-art spaces and gardening, all in a state of luxury.

If you’re considering your own backyard studio, here are five designs that will keep you eternally inspired (and make your home jealous):


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Shoffice (shed and office) is a whimsical piece with a down to earth form. Its extruded timber elliptical shell appears to sprout from the ground, curves overhead and tranquilly extends out upon the grass to form a small terrace on the lawn. The small building’s glass wall front and sunroof invite plenty of light and airiness to complement the solidarity of the wood and add to the balanced feel of the structure.

All in all it has pizazz, modernity, sunbathing capabilities and sophistication. It’s moving up on my buy list! Designed by Platform 5 Architects to provide an inviting office and garden storage space.


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Imagine looking out over your garden or pool, inhaling the outdoor scent of eucalyptus, listening to the birds in song, and watching the children play as you put the last finishing touches to your latest project–the state of euphoria is here. This custom contemporary studio by outdoor room architects Inoutside came into being through the demand for extra living space outside of the home without compromising the “at home” feeling.

This number is known as Cooba, a small modern building that offers the flexibility to transform from an office to a writing studio or even a hobby area. The warmth of Western Cedar wood vertical cladding and smoke grey metal accents together make a trendy handsome facade for the outdoor office.

Shadow Shed

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Introducing the zenful backyard garden room, Shadow Shed by Neil Dusheiko Architects…. Let’s get acquainted. A dark and mysterious pavilion sunken into the earth to be one with the organic elements around it, the Shadow Shed includes a collection of abstract mixed materials. Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood) cedar planks and tall glass walls offer a brilliant combination of texture and smoothness that is richly enhanced from the inside-out by the pavilion’s multi-faceted lighting system.

Curated to provide space for a playroom, for the resident psychiatrist to use as a consultation space during the day and for practicing yoga at night, Shadow Shed definitely deserves a Namaste.

Shipping Container

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As an innovative and cost-saving alternative to other building materials, the humble shipping container has become an industrial-chic option for open art spaces, offices and more. Standing 8.5′ tall, 20′ long and 8′ deep, this waterproof steel container is quickly proving it’s more than worthy of providing the framework for cool and compact outdoor rooms.


Image via. Photo by Sandra Pettersson.
Image via. Taken by by Sandra Pettersson.

Here, Agneta Enzell designed the Orangery for her and her family for social hours, gardening and dining…and more. It’s the true definition of farm to table, an oasis for green thumbs. This modern full glass and wood shed with kitchen invites you to prune, harvest, pickle, hang herbs and share your jam-making skills with good company.

Step away from the traditional living quarters and into the space we call the backyard studio. It’s a concept that continues to innovate itself to meet our demand for specialized private quarters.

Tonye Doukpolagha

Tonye Doukpolagha

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