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5 Centerpiece-Worthy Modern Bookcases

These modern bookcases are more than just a place to stash your beloved paperbacks. For all you bibliophiles, here are 5 favorite centerpiece worthy modern bookcases to make a statement and to display your personal libraries in focal point style.

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Bond Bookcase from Modloft

Store, swivel, and display your favorite books in the Bond Bookcase from Modloft. Made of powder-coated steel, this tower style bookcase is composed of three separate cubes that you can stack and arrange however you like. Angular slots allow you to freely display paperbacks and novels.

Modern Bookcases |YLiving
OBLIQUE™ Bookcase from Nolen Niu

The Nolen Niu OBLIQUE™ Bookcase creates an instant focal point in any room. Shelving is set at a 45-degree angle, creating a unique perspective to store books. Multiple units can interlock together to create a playful puzzle of bookcases.

Modern Bookcases |YLiving
Airport Bookcase from Cattelan Italia

Fill your wall with an expansive and multipurpose shelving unit with the Airport Bookcase from Cattelan Italia. A minimal design, this floor to ceiling bookcase system with simple shelves has an industrial look that’s versatile enough to be arranged as a divider between rooms.

Modern Bookcases |YLiving
Sundial Bookcase from Kartell

Available in a chic glossy white or black finished frame, the Kartell Sundial Bookcase is a curious way to put your books on display. Opaline dividers arranged in varying angles give the illusion of motion, much like the revolving shadows from a sundial. The playful look sparks interest and encourages curiosity. It’s airy design makes it ideal for use as a room divider.

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Pearl Bookcase from Modloft

An open and airy bookcase, the Pearl Bookcase from Modloft is ideal for displaying books and decor treasures or for naturally dividing adjacent rooms. Warm wood and cool steel come together to create a modern bookcase with clean modern lines that add an edge to any room.

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