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5 Lights that Plug Right in yet Make a Huge Statement

Because who wants to call an electrician? Seriously, having your beautiful modern lighting sit in boxes while waiting for an electrician feels cruel.

That’s why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the five lights below. They make a HUGE statement and you just have to plug them into any standard wall outlet. No electrician required!

Aim Plug-In Pendant Light | YLiving
Aim Plug-In Pendant Light from FLOS Lighting

I personally bought the Aim Plug-In Pendant in white. It is in my living room and it has worked out perfectly. And if for some reason you aren’t “feeling” the white…

A photo posted by Kim (@kim_dti) on

Kim from has a black one in her living room. I drool.

The Great JJ Floor Lamp | YLiving
The Great JJ Floor Lamp from Leucos

Based on the table lamp design, but now in a much grander scale. This lamp takes my breath away.

Wireflow Free-Form Pendant Light | YLiving
Wireflow Free-Form Pendant Light from VIBIA

Wouldn’t these look stunning in a master bedroom hanging over side tables?

Arco LED Floor Lamp | YLiving
Arco LED Floor Lamp from FLOS Lighting

Who doesn’t love a classic? Our Palm Springs friend Linda Atkins plans on placing her Arco over a Mid-Century Modern glass coffee table from Pace.

Valeo LED Floor Lamp | YLiving
Valeo LED Floor Lamp from Cerno

Just under 8 feet tall this dramatically oversized floor lamp appears architectural. I’m in heaven. Looking for a smaller statement piece? How about this 28d lamp from Bocci?

28d Desk Lamp | YLiving
28d Desk Lamp from Bocci

The 28d Desk Lamp is anchored by a grey crochet memory cable that can be coiled up to provide a safe resting place for the light. It’s mood lighting at it best!

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Kelly Tirman

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