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5 Ways to Style a Modern Throw Blanket in the Living Room

The changing seasons means cooler temperatures. And what better way to stay warm when its chilly outside then with a stylish, modern throw blanket. Take things a step further by making your living room throw become part of the decor with these 5 ways to style your living room throw.

Drape it Over the Couch

Zuzunaga Zoom out Blanket | YLiving Modern Throw Blanket
Zoom Out Blanket By Cristian Zuzunaga, from Zuzunaga

There’s something so beautiful about a throw blanket cascading down the side of a couch. Spreading it out long, yet keeping it ruffled, allows for the entire blanket to be on display without it feeling totally staged. This is a great way to show off a modern throw blanket with a stylish pattern and add a pop of color.

Throw it Over the Side

Ferm Living Remix Blanket | YLiving Modern Throw Blanket
Remix Blanket By Trine Andersen, from Ferm Living

An easy and stylish way to always have a throw blanket on hand is by simply throwing it over the side of a couch or chair. Make sure to fold it lengthwise before throwing it over and if it’s too long just fold it in half.

Neatly Fold it On the End

Missoni Home Sandra Throw Blanket | YLiving Modern Throw Blanket
Sandra Throw By Rosita Missoni, from Missoni Home

For an elegant, put together look, try neatly folding a throw blanket and placing it at the end of a sofa. This style works especially well with deep sofas or a sectional with an attached chaise lounge. You can also drape it over the corner of a a sofa for an inviting look.

Expertly Drape It Off-Center

Inhabit Current Studio Throw Blanket | YLiving Modern Throw Blanket
Current Studio Throw from Inhabit

Draping a soft throw blanket off-center keeps it out of the way when sitting. But it’s still well within reach when needed. This style is great for oversized throw blankets and if your couch is pulled away from the wall you can let it fall over over the of the sofa.

Toss it Over a Side Chair

Zuzunaga Tokyo Blanket | YLiving Modern Throw Blanket
Tokyo Blanket By Cristian Zuzunaga, from Zuzunaga

Create a luxurious and inviting seating place by folding a throw blanket and tossing it over a side chair.

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