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From Salone de Mobile: 50 Shades of Pink

Every year at Salone de Mobile (otherwise known as Milan Design Week), brands and designers from all around the world showcase their greatest for the design community to marvel at, to announce their new collections and to maybe obtain an award. It’s the place where designs trends begin. This year, one such trend turned out to be a color: millennial pink.

Pink did more than make an appearance; it took center stage. It was everywhere–and that’s not an understatement. From finishes to upholstery to showroom carpets and walls, millennial pink made its appearance in all kinds of forms. And while the soft pink may seem a touch unconventional for the furnishings industry or the typical home, it probably won’t be going away anytime soon.

One might think: why pink? Well, with Pantone naming Rose Quartz one of last year’s colors and then Pale Dogwood this year, the not-so-far-fetched hue has developed into a widely accepted neutral color that’s actually very well-suited for the furniture market.


For brands like Kartell, pink and its assorted related shades comfortably found its place among lounging and space-saving pieces. From a glassy transparent pink shelving unit to a muted pink Largo Sofa arrangement to a combination of pastel pink and orchid Colonna Stools, Kartell took the color and ran with it to create the ultimate pink living room. All together, the color can become a bit overwhelming. But for the typical home, a pink piece here or there in the living room adds a tasteful and aesthetically pleasing bit of color without overdoing it.

Finding its way into nearly every space of the home, it’s no surprise millennial pink managed to make its way outside. For Kartell’s iconic Bubble Club Armchair, the color became part of the lounge’s defining feature. It gives the playful seat an added element of lightheartedness. Compared to the rest of the home, adding pink to an outdoor space is a bit easier, as other natural outdoor colors can flatter and balance the soft pink hue.


While pink was spotted all over the show, pink really was everywhere at Miniforms’ exhibit. The Italian brand was downright unapologetic about their use of pink. Against the pink walls and flooring, the brand’s modern luxe sideboard and sleek table lamps are right at home within the set. Bold, yet delicate on the eye, the darker shade of pink would work well with contrasting arrangements that can emphasize its rich tone. (By the way, we loved all of Miniforms–not just the pink–so they’ll be available at YLiving very soon.)


At the same time, other brands like Driade took a less visually obtrusive approach to the use of the color within their exhibit. Designing a space with a little more color diversity, the brand displayed pink via a velvety pink rug and a rose pink throw blanket, complemented by a peach coffee table and red side table. All the while, the cool low sitting grey sofa successfully balances all the warm colors. Driade’s arrangement is a great example of how pink can be used in the home with varying warm tones and balancing with cooler hues to help offset it. (Another thing we have to look forward to soon at YLiving–Driade’s line of indoor furniture!)


Calligaris went straight for bringing the color into the dining room. They used a marshmallow-y pink color to highlight the graceful design of a winged shell with a quilted pattern and brass finished base. The unique profile of the dining chair and mixture of colors make for quite the elegant dining addition. Such a striking dining chair would thrive in a minimally designed dining area because, in this instance, it is definitely the main attraction.

Who would have guessed? Millennial pink makes for quite the new and interesting feature to the design world, and it’s not likely to go anywhere soon. We’re sure to see the color pick up speed as it trickles its way into the mainstream market. Even if you’re not a fan of the color yet, it’s hard to deny the color’s unexpectedly comforting and soothing qualities. If done right, it is something that can be relatable and highly workable when bringing it into the everyday home.

Yvette C.

Yvette C.

Yvette is a Site Merchandiser for YLiving. Her deep appreciation for design stems from a background in art history and interior design. During her off hours, she enjoys ogling cute animals, reading, catching up on TV series, following blogs, and enjoying the quirks of California's Bay Area.

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