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6 Ways to Host a Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered

Planning on hosting Thanksgiving this year? Make sure that it’s a gathering to be remembered with these 6 modern dining tips for Thanksgiving.

Start With a Good Foundation

Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set | YLiving
New Norm Dinnerware Starter Set By Norm Architects, from Menu A/S

You can never go wrong with a good set of dishes in a neutral color. Having a nice set of dishes set aside solely for entertaining purposes ensures that they won’t meet the same wear and tear that your everyday dishes will. This will keep them looking nice and ready for whenever you’re hosting a gathering of any kind. Not only that, but the neutral color, like white, really lets the food pop, and we all know that the food is truly the most important part of any modern Thanksgiving gathering.

Properly Set the Table

Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered Linen Napkins, Set of 4 | YLiving
Linen Napkins, Set of 4 from Skargaarden

I’m telling you, cloth napkins will get noticed. They may be a small detail, but they speak volumes to a host’s care. Since they require a bit more effort than just tossing paper napkins, setting the table with cloth napkins will get you a long way with your guests. And napkins are just the start. By properly setting the table, it’ll allow your guests to take in the full effect, and it’ll get you all the compliments.

Mix in Luxurious Pieces

Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered Seletti Midas Cutlery 6 place settings |YLiving
The Midas Cutlery, 6 Place Settings from Seletti

Give your guests something to “ooo” and “aah” at with luxurious pieces. It can be as simple as a unique set of crystal or metallic gold cutlery. Either way, shower them with just a hint of luxury to show them you really care. Personally, gold cutlery has my vote. You can dress it up or down, pair it with rustic accents or go as fancy-froo-froo as you want. The key is finding luxurious pieces that can span a number of dinner party settings, from casual to formal.

Incorporate Personal Touches

Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered Tom dixon stone chopping board | YLiving
Stone Chopping Board By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon via Apartment Apothecary

Have a serving bowl that was your grandmothers? Or perhaps you want to put a handwritten place card at each seat? You may even have a special piece of serve ware that’s just right for the occasion. Either way, incorporating personal touches like these will make your guests feel special and will set your gathering apart from the rest.

Decorate for the Season

Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered Simon Pearce Woodburry Ice bucket | YLiving
Woodbury Ice Bucket from Simon Pearce

Adding seasonal decorations to your gathering is not only fun, but also a way of creating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests. It doesn’t have to be an insane installation, even just a large vase with some autumn gourds or a choice pumpkin or two on the table can have your gathering Thanksgiving ready. Another great decorating tip? Candles. Just a few votives here and there really give the space a warm, intimate feel that’s just right for this season of thanks.

Keep It Simple

Modern Thanksgiving Gathering to Be Remembered Alessi Tonale Large Vase | YLiving
Tonale Large Vase By David Chipperfield, from Alessi

It’s easy to go overboard when hosting a modern Thanksgiving, especially when you’re trying to make the event as memorable as possible. But a minimal approach really goes a long way. Keep your decor to a minimum, focusing in on fresh wild flowers, as well as low-key seasonal decorations as mentioned. To help keep the table from feeling cluttered, you can also pair down on the amount of serving trays you use. This will also ensure that you don’t overwhelm your dinner party guests with an explosion of decorations and clutter.

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