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6 Ways to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger

Have a small space that you’d like to open up a bit? It’s all about tricking the eye to make small spaces feel bigger. Here are 5 ways modern furniture can make a small room feel bigger:

Remain Neutral

Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger |YLiving
Luna Sofa from TrueModern

While patterns are fun, they can quickly drag down a small space. Opt for solid colors for larger pieces of furniture like your sofa and area rug, and limit your patterns to accent pieces like throw pillows or a side chair.

Get a Large Area Rug

Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger |YLiving
Vegetal Rug from Nanimarquina

Laying down a large area rug will help draw the eye outward towards the edges, tricking your eyes into thinking that the room is larger than it really is!

Make It Clear

Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger |YLiving
Bridge Coffee Table from Sovet Italia

Help a small room feel light and airy by using clear tables. Glass and acrylic are great for doing this, since you can see right through them they don’t visually weigh down a space.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger |YLiving
1005 Wall Mirror from Surya

Mirrors are a great and easy way to magically open up a space and give a small room more depth. Position them so that they catch the natural light and reflect it back into the room.

Backless is Better

Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger |YLiving
Taper Oak Bench from Saloom Furniture

Adding in a backless bench or even a floor pouf instead of an oversized lounge chair will help keep the room looking open and uncluttered. Seating like this will keep your eye going, helping to make a smaller space appear longer and larger than life.

Let There Be Light

Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger |YLiving
Mani Mesa Table Lamp from Bover

Keeping a small room in the dark will only make it seem smaller. Use strategically placed lighting in at least three corners of the room to bring in much needed light.

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Rachel Kemp

Rachel Kemp

Rachel is one of the Merchandise Managers for YLiving with a long career in merchandising and is thrilled to finally be working through a channel that supports her passion for modern design. As a mother of two toddlers, she is practical, design driven in her decisions with furnishing her home and tempted daily with the endless options of home upgrades.

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