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6 Ways to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Whether a home is large or small, it should be functional, comfortable, and beautiful. Those living in small spaces may find this ideal a little more difficult to achieve. Or perhaps your entire home isn’t limited in square feet, but a particularly small room in the otherwise large house poses a problem. The following suggestions are helpful to anyone facing the creative opportunity of small space living.

Select Multi-Purpose Furniture

When space is limited, it is important that each piece within the room is intentional and functional. Furniture that has multiple uses serves this purpose well. A good option is convertible furniture, such as a sofa bed or the Dublexo Deluxe Chair, which can be either a comfortable lounge chair or full-size twin bed. This type of flexibility can even transform the way an entire room is used. An office can become a guest bedroom, the living room can become the dining room. The possibilities are endless.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Different shades of the same color create a more spacious effect within a room. Specifically, lighter and cooler shades of grey, green or blue provide an illusion of openness, as opposed to dark colors, which absorb light and give a room a closed-off ambiance. Paint the ceiling white and the trim a lighter color than the walls to add to the space. Use of complementary shades is not limited to paint. Keeping rugs and décor within the same color family will add to the effect of space creation as well.

Select Large Pieces That Speak to Luxury

The last thing you want in a small space is for it to feel cluttered and crowded. Combat this downfall by choosing large statement items. A large piece like the Cassius Quilt Sofa (nearly eight feet long) will fill a room without cluttering it. When you choose to have fewer objects in a room, the things you do have ought to be of high quality in order to create the comfortable atmosphere you’re after.

Create Dimension With Design Elements

Be purposeful with accessories and design to make a small room feel less box-like and to give it more depth. Mirrors naturally provide depth to a room. Vertical space can also be used by drawing the eye upward to fascinating art or statement wallpaper. Textiles such as rugs, throws, or pillows add dimension, as do strategically placed plants.

Aim for a Spacious and Airy Look

In a small space, your design choices should tend toward light rather than heavy, and open rather than closed. You can avoid an overcrowded look by pulling furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness. Furniture with exposed legs feels lighter and adds to the airy feel of a room.

Find Creative Storage Solutions

It is likely that natural storage options are limited in your small space. For this reason, your design choices must also provide functional storage solutions. When selecting furniture for a small room, consider if each item can provide needed storage. Instead of a traditional console table, choose something with drawers, like a small bureau. Smart storage will limit visible clutter that small spaces can’t afford. Hidden options such as storage in an ottoman or bench will keep your possessions accessible but won’t distract from the comfortable feel and modern look of a room.

With the right products and a little creativity, even the tiniest of spaces can feel luxurious and welcoming. What begins as a small and challenging space may even become the favorite part of your home.

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Innovation Living

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