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7 Ways to Make a Great Outdoor Room

The weather’s warmer. The flowers are blooming. And with this comes barbecues, pool parties and lounging around outside in the evenings to watch the sun go down. More than ever, it’s a good time to update your outdoor living space to make it the perfect place to spend the rest of your spring and summer months.

Here are seven things to consider to create your best outdoor living space yet:


Look, the sun is great. It keeps you warm, makes plants grow and gives you that happiness chemical known as vitamin D. But it can also be harmful; blinding light and sun burns are no fun. So make sure to install an umbrella or other sort of shading to protect yourself against too much exposure or just to cool down from the heat. Your guests will thank you.


If you really want to enjoy being outside, you need a place to take a load off. After all, if you have to stand the entire time, you can’t fully relax. What’s great is you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Available outdoor seating options range from long, deep couches to stylish lounge chairs. Strategically place some around a pool or on your patio for some deep-seated relaxation.

A Dining Area

If you’re anything like my father, you want to have dinner outside any and every day that’s warm enough. And I have to say, it really is a wonderful way to spend the warmer months. A nice breeze and the sweet smell of nature can enhance any meal. So install a nice wood or metal table in your backyard and make the most out of your family meals.


While they may start earlier, plenty of spring and summer soirees go on after dark. After the sun goes down, and the shades are folded up, it’s time to break out the outdoor lighting. Outdoor wall lights, portable table or floor lamps, string lights and more make outdoor gatherings in the evening safe, stylish and warmly atmospheric.


The ideal way to add greenery where none might otherwise have existed. More than that, planters are another great way to inject some more of your personal style into an exterior setting. You can go simple and mod or artistically avant garde. For all you multi-taskers, there are even some planters that light up.

An Outdoor Bar

You need a place to keep some cool drinks outside, or you’ll wind up going back and forth into your kitchen the entire time. That’s way too much work. An outdoor bar is a convenient way to make sure you don’t have to spend the entire party running all over the place, making sure everyone’s drink is fresh. Simply stock it full of beer and wine (and maybe some lemonade for the kids) and enjoy.


Spending time outside after sundown with a warm fire is, in my opinion, one of the best parts about spring and summer evenings. The night isn’t so cold that you fear to be further than three feet from the flames, nor so hot that you can’t even get near it. An outdoor fireplace can create a warm and comforting ambiance that can make any night feel like the first night of summer vacation.

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Rhyen Clevenger

Rhyen Clevenger

Rhyen Clevenger is a site merchandiser at YBath. While he is new to the bath team, it does not hinder his enthusiasm for decorative plumbing. On the weekends he enjoys curling up with his fiancé and watching some good science fiction.

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