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“Now that’s a desk lamp I can get into”, says my engineer brother upon entering the office and casting his gaze upon my Artemide Tolomeo Lamp. The Tolomeo by Artemide is an institution, and one of those bulletproof investments that delivers serious function and timeless design. But really, my favorite part about the Tolomeo isn’t the Classic Table Lamp, but how wonderfully the collection has extended over the years.

A photo posted by Artemide (@artemide_lighting) on Nov 25, 2014 at 8:41am PST

The first Tolomeo I bought was the “Mega” (which gives the Flos Arco a run for its money with its prime options to swoop over your sectional). Then I saw them installed in the wall for bedside reading, then I saw the clip lamps and, oh boy, the places they could go!

It never materialized, but I retain a fantasy of a home lit entirely from Tolomeo’s. And what an awesome expression of modernity that uniform of an execution would be. Artwork lit by Tolomeo Wall Spot Lights, a Tolomeo Classic Floor Lamp over my Womb Chair. Maybe a row of three Tolomeo Mega Suspension lights (in sexy black of course) casting an ambient glow over a long Milton 102-Inch Dining Table by Modloft.

It was the Classic Table Lamp that won the Compasso d’Oro design prize in 1989…and now has its own Wikipedia page. But truly great design is extensible. It’s not a lamp but an idea, a system, and one that continues to improve incrementally with nearly all models now available in LED.

The Tolomeo isn’t the first constant tension lamp, and it won’t be the last (rest assured, we’ll sell them all), but I can’t think of a design that is more universally applicable. Well, I guess there’s the sun (hashtag winky face).

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Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson was a customer before joining the team at YLiving. A marketer and designer-at-core, Colin is passionate about simplicity, innovation, and quality. In time, Colin hopes to retire to the Napa Valley with his wife to make furniture and rescue dogs.