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Ask An Expert: Can I Have A Fireplace and Still be Eco-Friendly?

Q: I’d love to have an indoor or outdoor fireplace, but I don’t want to contribute to air pollution. How can I responsibly create the mood, look and atmosphere I want?

A. An indoor fireplace is an ideal way to complement most any room in the house, while an outdoor fireplace is a great addition if you love to entertain. EcoSmart Fire knows all about pairing fire with eco-friendliness, thanks to their line of premium bioethanol indoor and outdoor fireplace ranges with fine design, safety and environmental consciousness at their core.

Mix Series Fire Bowls Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace from EcoSmart Fire

With a clean-burning bioethanol burner, you can have a safe, unique and design-forward fireplace that’s UL Listed, requires no general contractor for installation and significantly minimizes pollution. One of the unique aspects of burning bioethanol is that its byproduct is water vapor and carbon dioxide (the same thing we exhale). What could be greener than that? Furthermore, bioethanol offers the best and longest-burning flame. And there are additional benefits.

Bioethanol is the fuel of the future, but it’s available today. It’s the most efficient fuel on the market and is the foundation for the sophisticated combustion system behind EcoSmart Fire’s stylish façades. A renewable energy source made from the waste product of corn, bioethanol is clean-burning. Since no soot or ash is emitted, no flue or chimney is needed. So you can install and use a fireplace more easily than ever before, indoors and out. Case in point: EcoSmart Fire has fireplace installations in more than 75 countries around the world, all operating on bioethanol.

Mini T Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace from EcoSmart Fire

The differences between bioethanol and other fireplace fuel options—like natural gas and propane—are significant. Bioethanol is a generally safer fuel because, unlike natural gas and propane, it’s not pressurized. So there’s no chance of a gas leak. Second, the eNRG brand bioethanol used by EcoSmart Fire has virtually no odor, unlike natural gas and propane, which have an additive called mercaptan that emits the odor of rotten eggs in the event of a gas leak.

The byproduct of combustion for natural gas and propane is carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas (as opposed to bioethanol’s harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor). Lastly, bioethanol burners are completely self-contained. So you will never be held back by a separate propane tank or permanent natural gas line.

Simply put, with bioethanol, you can have all the warmth and atmosphere of a fireplace without any of the pollutants. It’s the perfect way to set the right mood.

Lighthouse Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace from EcoSmart Fire
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