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Bar Carts in the Modern Dining Room

A mash up of modern and elegant, the bar cart is a throwback to the days when your host would offer you a gin and tonic as you settled into the parlor. Now, the versatility of such an iconic piece goes beyond their standard purpose. No longer bound to holding your booze, see all the ways  the modern bar cart can serve you.

Luxembourg Bar Trolley by Frederic Sofia, from Fermob

Luxembourg Bar Trolley from Fermob

Perfect as a sunny refreshment cart outside. 

Who says the bar cart has to stay indoors? Take the party outside and create a sense of fun and whimsy with a bright and colorful bar cart, like the Luxembourg Bar Trolley by Frederic Sofia, from Fermob. Roll a cart loaded with refreshments out by the pool or garden and relax.

Flip Trolley By Antonio Citterio, from Kartell

Flip Trolley from Kartell

Use as an overflow for serving.

If you’re in need of some extra space for entertaining, a bar cart serves as the perfect overflow. Keep it tucked away in the corner of the dining room for easy access during even the biggest of dinner parties. Kartell has extra storage in mind with their handy Flip Trolley; it folds for easy storage and versatility.

Kart Trolley from Tonelli

Kart Trolley from Tonelli

They spark conversation and the imagination.

Designers have taken the modern bar cart to a whole new level, incorporating functionality with elegant eye-catching design. The Kart Trolley from Tonelli is the perfect example of art meets function, is it a bar cart or a glass sculpture commenting on the fragility of society?Barboy Table Trolley by Verner Panton, from Verpan

Barboy Table Trolley from Verpan

They’re ideal for even the smallest of spaces.

Even the tiniest of spaces can still maximize their bar cart potential. The Barboy Table Trolley from Verpan wheels away into corners and odd spaces. Fill it up with your booze in the bottom, glasses in the middle section, and store small things like bottle openers in the top. Or just simply use as extra storage for odds and ends.

Wallbanger from Loll Designs|YLiving

Wallbanger from Loll Designs

They can go just about anywhere. 

Wall space can now be utilized as bar space with the Wallbanger from Loll Designs. This compact bar installs onto the wall and has a hinged door for a seamless look when not in use. Hang it in the dining room, living room, or even on the patio outside. Not only can this guy go just about anywhere, but it also comes in a wide range of colors to match any decor.

Brandy Trolley from Cattelan Italia

Brandy Trolley from Cattelan Italia

Their classic purpose still shines.

Though the options for a bar cart seems limitless, nothing beats their created intent. Keep all of your booze in one place, front and center, ready to go. Cattelan Italia‘s Brandy Trolley has a classic and charming design that is still unforgettable. Bar carts are perfect for rolling out during parties and will stylishly cap off any dining room.

Kelly Tirman

Kelly Tirman

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